• Benheck's PS3 Slim laptop has blast processing

    Well well well, look what Benheck has come up with. It’s a PS3 Slim laptop. It’s everything you need to play God of War III in one handy package. And, if you’re a wealthy person, Mr. Heckenorn will happily construct you one! Read More

  • Did you know? Sony can pull a Reverse Amazon and push updates to your PS3

    This is interesting. While checking up on the implications of Sony’s removal of the “Install Other OS” option, Thinq ran into a particularly troubling clause in the EULA. Some services may be provided automatically without notice when you are online, and others may be available to you through SCE’s online network or authorized channels. Without limitation, services… Read More

  • Nintendo controller car mod goes too far

    I’m all for letting your geek flag fly, but this is a bit much. Perhaps he wanted to be able to control the car from the front? At least it’s something that you can hide under you hood. I dunno. Props for knowing your roots and such. Read More

  • DIY gaming rig made from pipes

    Seems like every year at CES we see those fancy gaming desk setups and every year they still cost thousands of dollars. If you only have tens of dollars to spend on gaming desks, then get some aluminum pipes like this guy did. Read More

  • Use a Rock Band drum kit to play poker

    Back in September, we learned how to use a Rock Band guitar controller to play poker. If you thought the magic would end there, buckle up. The man who brought you the previous how-to, Sean Lind, is back again and this time he’s using the Rock Band drum kit. Read More

  • How to make a busted iPhone beautiful

    There’s an excellent how-to over in the MacRumors forums that details how an enterprising individual purchased a scratched up iPhone with a broken screen off of eBay and restored it to its former glory without sinking too much money into the project. Read More

  • Nintendo successfully sues Aussie etailer for selling DS flash cartridges

    It’s getting to be a mighty dangerous place out there for DS pirates. Several months ago, Nintendo decided to sue a few of the big DS hacking companies out there, and although that ended up causing a major boost to those companies’ sales, it looks like the big N is starting to crack down on resellers too. GadgetGear (no affiliation with yours truly) was selling the R4 flash… Read More

  • Wii laptop hack is about 2.5 inches thick

    Of all the consoles to stuff into a laptop form factor, the Wii’s minute size makes it as good a candidate as any. And while Wii laptop mods have been done before, this most recent one has the distinction of being relatively thin at just over 2.5 inches. Read More

  • How to mod your original NES to epic levels

    Some hardware is just dear to a geeks heart that they can’t let it just die. Take for example the original NES system. Some enthusiasts take modding them to a whole new level. I mean, I like to play Mario Bros. as much as the next guy, but this is getting extreme. Read More

  • Break free from the corporate Snuggie stranglehold by sewing your own

    Are we still expected, in the year 2010, to pay $20 plus $8 shipping for a Snuggie? And another $8 shipping for a second bonus Snuggie? NO! Show the fat cats at the Snuggie conglomerate that you’re onto their little ruse. Take a big piece of fabric – any fabric you want! — cut some arm holes, and sew some arms onto the arm holes. Read More

  • DIY remote car starter uses pre-paid phone, less than $75 worth of materials

    A man named Dave has cobbled together a remote car starter that uses a pre-paid phone to start the car’s engine. The launch sequence is initiated when the phone gets a call or when a particular event in the phone’s calendar comes up (he uses the calendar to start the car at specific times in the morning and at the end of the day so as not to waste minutes. Dave, I like the cut of… Read More

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