Cyanogen failed to kill Android, now it is shuttering its services and OS as part of a pivot

It's been a rocky few months for Cyanogen, the ambitious startup that aimed to build a better version of Android than Google. It has laid off staff, let go of its CEO and parted ways with another co-f

iPhone Mod Gives Your Phone A Bit Of Rainbow Flavor

Although Apple seems to want to forget all about that sad, dark time when their logo featured all the colors of the rainbow, this iPhone mod - really an aluminium back plate - will bring those memorie

The Xbox Slim Laptop Is Ready To Ship

This one-of-a-kind Xbox “Slim Laptop” is ready to ship if you have $1,600 and a need to play 360 games on the road. Built by a blogger named [Ed], it’s basically a fully-functional X

Video: Portable N64 Plays Multi-Player Games

<img src="" />This is very, very neat. It's a portable N64 called the D64 that can actually be used to play multi-player games. Gadget of th

Video: NOOKcolor Modded For Use In An In-Dash System

<img src="" />With all the dashboard modding for the integrations of <a href="http://www.crunchgear

8-Bit Memory Take An NES Cartridge And Ups Storage A Few Billion Bytes

<img src="" />If you consider yourself a gamer, then you likely have a few <a href="">NES</a> ca

Ben Heck Show Airs, Is Geek-tastic

<img src="" />The king of all modders, Ben Heckendorn has his own online tv show. You might remember Ben from his Xbox 360 mods, or whe

Someone has already disassembled, modded, and reviewed the new 360

<img src="" />This isn't the most creative or extensive modification one could conceivably do to the new Xbox 360, but it's cool enough

It's real: iPad Arcade…well at least its not fake

<img src="" />When <a href="">Think Geek</a> posted this image on April Foo

Look at this portable GameCube mod then quit the Internet, it won't get any better today

<img src="" />Portable GameCube? Sure, why not?

Benheck's PS3 Slim laptop has blast processing

<img src="" />Well well well, look what <a HREF="">Benheck</a> has come up with. It's a PS3

Did you know? Sony can pull a Reverse Amazon and push updates to your PS3

<img src="" />This is interesting. While checking up on the implications of Sony's removal of the "Install Other OS" option, Thinq <a href="h

Nintendo controller car mod goes too far

<img src="" />I'm all for letting your geek flag fly, but this is a bit much. Perhaps he wanted to be able to control the car f

DIY gaming rig made from pipes

<img src="" alt="" />Seems like every year at CES we see those fancy gaming desk setups and every year they still cost thousands of dollars.

Use a Rock Band drum kit to play poker

<img src="" alt="" />Back in September, <a href="

How to make a busted iPhone beautiful

<img src="" alt="" />There’s an excellent how-to over in the MacRumors forums that details how an enterprising individual purchased a s

Nintendo successfully sues Aussie etailer for selling DS flash cartridges

<img src="" />It's getting to be a mighty dangerous place out there for DS pirates. Several months ago, Nintendo decided to sue a few

Wii laptop hack is about 2.5 inches thick

<img src="" alt="" />Of all the consoles to stuff into a laptop form factor, the Wii’s minute size makes it as good a candidate as

How to mod your original NES to epic levels

<img src="" />Some hardware is just dear to a geeks heart that they can't let it just die. Take for example the original NES system. So

Break free from the corporate Snuggie stranglehold by sewing your own

<img src="">Are we still expected, in the year 2010, to pay $20 plus $8 shipping for a Snuggie? And another $8 shipping for a
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