Coming Soon: Smartphones With 16MP Cameras

<img src="" /> If you look at the batches of new cell phones Japan's leading mobile carriers have been presenting <a href="http

Japanese Cell Phone Owners Get Gardening Tips Via Mobile Emails

<img src="" /> If you needed one more piece of evidence that Japan is <a href="

Video: Japan Gets Gundam "Robot" Phone

<img src="" /> After <a href="

IS01: Sharp to roll out Android smartbook

<img src="" /> There's just one Android phone currently available in Japan, one of the biggest mobile markets in the worl

Vertu to sell 4 golden cell phones in Japan (price: $215,000 each)

<img src="" /> Nokia pulled out of Japan, one of the world's biggest mobile markets, <a href="

New technology heats up cell phones when callers get agitated

<img src="" /> I can't think of too many use cases for this, but they did it: A team of researchers from the <a href="http://www.u-t

Streetfighter IV for iPhone: Capcom releases official trailer and screenshots

<img src=""> <a href="

Samsung announces 3G-equipped 'Go' netbook for AT&T

<img src="" alt="go-open-620" title="go-open-620" /> The nation's "fastest" (and often most frustrating) 3G network (i.e. AT&T)

U.S. Senate: It's cool to jam cell phones in prisons

<img src="" alt="cell-jammer" />Oh, U.S. Senate. Just when we thought you had turned your collective attention to the plethora of in

Toshiba makes those yet-to-be-commercialized mini fuel cells smaller

<img src="" /> Fuel cells, those electrochemical conversion devices, which are supposed to make the <a href="

Japanese iPhone users can buy $1,000 cases from today

<img src="" /> Despite being able to choose between an enormous number of super-advanced cell phones for years now

SoftBank rolls out nine new cell phones in Japan (photo gallery)

<img src="" /> Following KDDI, Japan's No.3 telecommunications company <a href="

KDDI au unveils spring cell phone line-up (photo gallery)

<img src="" /> Japan’s second biggest mobile phone carrier KDDI au <a href="

Exactly what would a Presidential mobile look like?

<img src="" /> Apropos of the <a href="">ongoing ruckus</a> about Pres

iShodo: Try calligraphy on your iPhone

<img src="" /> Tokyo-based <a href="">Ubiquitous Entertainment</a> has developed<a href=""> iS

T-Mobile pulls the trigger on the BlackBerry 8900, finally

<img src="" alt="" />Rumors have been floating for weeks now and we knew the 8900 would be coming sometime in early '09 and tonight T-

T-Mobile to launch BlackBerry 8900 sooner rather than later?

<img src="" alt="" />If this screenshot from TmoNews is legit, which I'm inclined to believe it is then (even though they originally said

RemoteDroid: use your G1 as a mouse and keyboard for your PC

<img src=""> <a href="">RemoteDroid </a>allows you to use the touchscreen and keyboard of your G1 as inp

Japanese prefecture to ban cell phones in schools

In what can only be described as the most insane move of all time, Japan’s Saitama prefecture (analogous to a state or province elsewhere) will be banning cell phone use by students at most of i

HTC expects to ship a million G1s by year's end

Revising their previous target of 600,000 HTC G1s shipped by the end of 2008, HTC CEO Peter Chou has disclosed that the company now expects to ship at least 1 million of the world’s first Android ha
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