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KDDI au unveils spring cell phone line-up (photo gallery)

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Japan’s second biggest mobile phone carrier KDDI au today presented their new cell phones [JP] for this spring. The first handsets will be available in Nippon on Saturday.

And they have a few spectacular models to offer – if only the Japanese carriers did what they promised a few months back (large-scale internationalization due to a shrinking home market), everyone could get their hands on these things.

Here is the complete line-up [JP]:


Hitachi Woo Keitai H001
(featuring a fantastic stereoscopic IPS 3D display, the world’s first display of this kind)


Sony Ericsson Walkman Phone Premier3
(3-inch display with 480×854 resolution and superior audio quality)


Sony Ericsson Cybershot Keitai S001
(3.3-inch OLED display based on BRAVIA technology)


Toshiba Fullchain Keitai T001
(3.1-inch OLED display)


Casio CA001
(equipped with sound and music apps made by Yamaha and a touchscreen)


Sharp SH001
(featuring a 8.0 megapixel CCD camera with face recognition function)


Panasonic P001
(advanced color reproductivity)


Kyocera K001
(featuring a kid-friendly design


Beruto no tsuita keitai (“Handset that can be attached to belts”) NS01


Keesu no you na keitai (“Handset that looks like a case”) NS02

I blogged about KDDI’s winter 2008 line-up here and about their summer 2008 handsets here.

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