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  • Twitter Will Shut Off GeoAPI To Developers

    Twitter Will Shut Off GeoAPI To Developers

    When Twitter bought Mixer Labs in December, 2009, it inherited the startup’s then-recently launched GeoAPI, which offered a platform for building geo apps. The GeoAPI combined a places database of 16 million businesses with a reverse-geo-coder and support for geo-coded Tweets, Flickr photos, and even an iPhone SDK. Twitter kept the GeoAPI going after the acquisition—but that ends… Read More

  • The 5 Myths Of Building A Great Mobile Team

    The 5 Myths Of Building A Great Mobile Team

    Editor’s note: As the Web goes mobile, every Web company needs to build mobile products. Author Elad Gil, director of Geo at Twitter, has a lot of experience in that area. Way before selling his company Mixer Labs to Twitter last year, he kickstarted Google’s mobile efforts back in 2004, when Google’s mobile team “consisted of 1/4 of an engineer dedicated to maintaining… Read More

  • The Great Location Land Rush Of 2010

    Back in November, at our Realtime CrunchUp event, I sat on the geolocation panel with members of Twitter, Foursquare, SimpleGeo, GeoAPI, Hot Potato, and Google. At one point, I raised the question if location was going to be the next battleground between startups large and small, much like social identity plays (Facebook Connect vs. Google Friend Connect) and status updates (Twitter vs. Facebook). Read More

  • GeoAPI Adds User Creation, Foursquare, YouTube, And Weatherbug Data

    With its GeoAPI, Mixer Labs offers a database of some 16 million businesses and points of interest. Still, for some people, that’s not enough. They want to be able to add their own data to the database. And now they can. Starting today, Mixer Labs is rolling out a limited trial of new features that will allow users to add their own data to the database. This means that users will be able… Read More

  • The GeoAPI Launches For Places, Tweets, Flickr Photos, And More

    Location, location, location. With the growing ubiquity of GPS-equipped phones, there is a virtual land rush going on right now to put geolocation capabilities in every mobile app. Today, Mixer Labs, the folks behind TownMe, introduced the GeoAPI, aimed at developers who want to add geolocation features to their apps in a plug-and-play fashion. The GeoAPI is built on top of what was… Read More