• Hitachi And Mitsubishi Stop Domestic Production Of TVs, Optical Discs

    Hitachi And Mitsubishi Stop Domestic Production Of TVs, Optical Discs

    Two big Japanese electronics companies, namely Hitachi and Mitsubishi, are to stop producing parts of their product portfolio domestically: Hitachi announced [JP] it will end production of plasma and LCD TVs in Japan, marketed under the Wooo brand, by September this year. The company owns a plant in Gifu prefecture in central Japan that churns out about 100,000 TVs per month (pictured: a… Read More

  • EMIRAI: Mitsubishi Shows Futuristic Car Interface (Video)

    EMIRAI: Mitsubishi Shows Futuristic Car Interface (Video)

    At the Tokyo Motor Show 2011, Mitsubishi took the wraps off EMIRAI, a near-future concept that will become reality in about 10 years (if the company is to be believed). The core element is a large-sized, curved dashboard that combines rear-projection to display various operations with touch control support. The steering wheel features shape-changing buttons that only raise when the system… Read More

  • CEATEC 2011: Mitsubishi Showcases Semispherical Display (2.7M Diameter)

    CEATEC 2011: Mitsubishi Showcases Semispherical Display (2.7M Diameter)

    The CEATEC 2011 exhibition started today in Chiba (just outside of Tokyo), and what I saw was either disappointing (like gear that’s already available in stores) or already widely covered, as most Japanese companies pre-announced almost all novelties (for example, Docomo’s awesome smartphone jackets). One exception was Mitsubishi’s so-called “Diamond Vision OLED”… Read More

  • Mitsubishi Shows LCD TV With Red Laser Backlight

    Mitsubishi Electric yesterday showed a “Laser Backlight LCD TV” [JP] the company plans to release within this year. At the press conference in Tokyo, Mitsubishi showcased a 46-inch prototype TV with a red laser and a cyan LED integrated into the backlight unit. Read More

  • Mitsubishi i-MiEV Taking Over Europe?

    Today, Mitsubishi announced that it plans to bring the Euro-spec i-MiEV to 15 European countries. As you know, production started last fall, and Mitsubishi is trying to make it out faster than the Volt or Leaf; and with the Leaf’s recent productions problems and Volt’s low December sales, it may not be too hard. Read More

  • New GPS System Boosts Accuracy To 3cm

    Existing GPS systems usually achieve an accuracy of about 10m, but that will change soon, according to a recent report in Japanese business daily The Nikkei: a new technology developed by Mitsubishi and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) improves that number to an unbelievable 3cm. Read More

  • Mitsubishi Rebrands Its i-MiEV The i, Plans For Fall 2011 Rollout

    The EV wars, they be heating up! Or at least they promise to heat up, a year from now or so. We’ve already got the Leaf coming out, the Volt (though not strictly speaking an EV) on its heels, Honda’s Fit EV coming in 2012, and now Mitsubishi is entering the game in a modest way with the i EV. Read More

  • CEATEC 2010: Eyes-on With Mitsubishi's Monster Diamond Vision OLED Display

    3D TVs that don’t require without glasses, short-focus projectors that work with touch screens and dual touchscreen phones: all these gadgets are currently being showcased at CEATEC 2010 in Japan, and all of these might be cool, but nothing can beat big sized screens. What you see on the picture (and in the video embedded below) is Mitsubishi’s so-called Diamond Vision OLED display. Read More

  • Mitsubishi Announces Full HD 3D TVs With Built-In HDD And Blu-ray Burner

    It was just a matter of time, and now we are about to get them: Mitsubishi Japan announced [JP] TVs that not only are 3D-enabled but also come with an integrated Blu-ray recorder and an HDD. The TVs in the so-called REAL MDR1 series will be available in three sizes: 40, 46, and 55 inches (the biggest is pictured again below). Read More

  • Mitsubishi Announces New Full HD DLP Projector LVP-HC4000

    Mitsubishi Japan today announced [JP] the LVP-HC4000, a new full HD DLP projector whose biggest selling point (according to the company) is the native contrast ratio of 3,300:1. Thanks to the so-called DarkChip3, Mitsubishi was able to boost the contrast ratio by 10% in comparison to the previous model. Read More

  • New quick charger for electric cars is really quick

    One of the biggest hurdles on the road to make electric vehicles attractive for the mass market is the long time it usually takes to charge batteries. But a Japanese company called JFE Engineering now claims it has found a solution for that problem. According to JFE, even so-called “quick battery chargers” often take 30 minutes to charge a car’s battery to 80% of its capacity. Read More

  • LVP-HC3800: Mitsubishi's new full HD DLP projector

    Mitsubishi Electric has announced [JP] the LPV-HC3800 for the Japanese market today, a full HD DLP projector that features a contrast ratio of 3,000:1, 1,200 lumens brightness and a DDP3021 full 10-bit panel driver. The device comes with a 230W lamp that has a lifespan of 5,000 hours and depending on the operating mode, it can be as quiet as 25dB. Read More

  • Mitsubishi's modular Diamond Vision OLED system demoed

    OLED has had issues gaining traction mainly because of the cost of manufacturing large screens. People like large screens. That’s the fact, jack. Anyway, Mitsubishi has developed a system that seems like it would help. It uses small, modular panels that can be combined to make a screen of nearly any size or shape. The system is intended for outdoor advertising, but if it matures enough… Read More

  • Mitsubishi Japan goodness: World's first TV with built-in Blu-ray recorder and HDD, a projector and Blu-ray DVRs

    Mitsubishi Electric organized a big press conference today in Tokyo, unveiling two new series of LCD TVs, three Blu-ray DVRs and a new full HD video projector. The two TVs of the BHR series are the world’s first featuring both a built-in Blu-ray recorder and an HDD. No announcements regarding release dates outside Japan were made, but here are the main details for every device, all… Read More

  • More electric vehicles: Japan wants mass adoption of "green" cars

    If there is one country that really believes in the future of electric (battery-powered) vehicles (cars, bikes and even trains), then it’s Japan. And now the country decided it’s time to remove a major barrier to mass adoption: The lack of a large-scale infrastructure with highly standardized norms. Read More

  • Sharp and Mitsubishi to out new HDTVs in Japan

    Both Sharp and Mitsubishi have announced new LCD TVs for the Japanese market, and both devices seem to be pretty interesting. They will be available over here as early as next month, with neither Sharp nor Mitsubishi having said anything about an international release yet. Read More

  • Mitsubishi to roll out new projector

    Another day, another announcement for a projector. Today it’s Mitsubishi Electric Japan with their LVP-XD95ST [JP], a compact and (rather) inexpensive DLP Projector. The device goes on sale in Japan as early as next Monday and costs $1,000. Read More

  • Mitsubishi's iMiEV arrives early to steal Tesla and Volt's thunder

    The battle of the EVs draws closer, and while I doubt it’ll the Ragnarok we all hope for, it should be an interesting fight. While Tesla is doing fine selling its high-end Roadster, the real competition will likely be around $40,000, give or take a few thousand. Of course, everybody’s ready for the Volt, but it seems that Mitsubishi is going to beat everyone to the market with… Read More

  • Mitsubishi outs a bevy of new HDTVs

    It’s new HDTV time from Mitsu! The company that brought you the LaserVue HDTV, now has 3D ready sets and flat screens equipped with 16 speakers. Thankfully, it seems that these sets are better priced for the fledgling economy. It’s hard to imagine that many American’s have enough available credit to squeeze the ultra-lux LaserVue onto the credit card, but these sets start out… Read More

  • Minicab CNG: New mini Mitsubishi vehicle runs on natural gas

    Mitsubishi today in Japan announced it has begun selling the Minicab CNG, a small van that can run on compressed natural gas (CNG). Japanese buyers can choose between a two- seater ($21,130) and a version with four seats ($21,430). Read More

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