Mitsubishi Shows LCD TV With Red Laser Backlight

Mitsubishi Electric yesterday showed a “Laser Backlight LCD TV” [JP] the company plans to release within this year. At the press conference in Tokyo, Mitsubishi showcased a 46-inch prototype TV with a red laser and a cyan LED integrated into the backlight unit.

The laser features an emission wavelength of 638nm and is, according to Mitsubishi, especially boosting the on-screen quality of the color red. The TV achieves a 126% color gamut and uses the cyan light for green and blue colors. Using the technology for 3D TVs in the future is apparently possible, too.

Comparison (Laser Backlight LCD TV on the left, regular Mitsubishi model on the right):

Mitsubishi is selling the Laservue, a TV using RGB color lasers in the US and elsewhere since last year. The company said it will offer the red laser backlit (actually edge-lit) model in Japan first.

Via AV Watch [JP]