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Mitsubishi partners with Cartken to break into the robotic delivery world

Mitsubishi Electric, the automaker’s electronics equipment manufacturing company, is starting a pilot program to explore the value of autonomous robots. The company will be working with Cartken,

Panasonic confirms data breach after hackers access internal network

Japanese tech giant Panasonic has confirmed a data breach after hackers gained access to its internal network. Panasonic said in a press release dated November 26 that its network was “illegally acc

Mitsubishi Shows All-In-One LCD TV With HDD And Blu-Ray Recorder

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Geo Cosmos: Mitsubishi Electric Shows 6-Meter OLED Globe

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Mitsubishi Elevator Detects Wheelchair Users, Can Be Voice-Controlled

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Mitsubishi installs five 80-person capacity elevators at office building in Osaka

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Mitsubishi produces mini Blu-ray player, says it will be used in cars

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New technology to recover plastics from junk developed

Mitsubishi Electric announced on Wednesday that they, as Japan’s first company, have developed a technology that makes it possible to automatically separate plastics from scrapped electronic dev