Mitsubishi produces mini Blu-ray player, says it will be used in cars


Mitsubishi Electric has developed a Blu-ray player that is is just 1/3 of the size of conventional players [JP] and is intended for automotive use. The 1DIN prototype is the smallest in the industry.

Mitsubishi Electric upped the board density by 1.5 times and used thinner mechanical parts to achieve the size of the 1DIN player (50x178x180mm) that’s compatible to BD-ROM/BD-R and BD-RE and uses Linux as the OS. It will be used in the company’s car navigation systems.

Mitsubishi Electric plans to commercialize the device by March 2010 as part of a new in-car HD entertainment system (that includes an advanced TV receiver suitable for cars in particular). The company hasn’t said anything about a possible release in overseas markets yet.