mini robot

  • Meet Postkun, Japan's cutest mini postman robot

    I don’t know when and if mankind will ever get robotic postmen but I am sure that if, they will come from Japan, just like this mini robot recently presented by Tokyo-based company Kyosho [JP]. Read More

  • Meet Cam Baby, the world's ugliest mini robot

    I have no idea what on earth makes a company, in this case Japan-based Cube Works, produce a mini robot that wears diapers but it actually exists. And the so-called Cam Baby has some amazing skills. It walks when you clap your hands. Its eyes flash. It moves its head. It walks. It makes sounds. It starts crying when it stumbles and falls down. And it’s pretty ugly, too (please watch… Read More

  • Robo-Q: Tomy unveils thumb-sized walking robot

    Japanese toymaker Tomy Co unveiled Robo-Q, which is what they say the world’s smallest walking robot. The two-legged toy is just 3.4 centimeters high and weighs 12 grams. Robo-Q can detect obstacles and navigate through a maze using built-in infrared sensors. Users can also play games such as soccer with the battery-powered robot via a wireless controller. Charging the battery for 30… Read More