Yahoo Acquires Mobile Messaging App MessageMe

Yahoo has acquired mobile messaging application MessageMe, a Whatsapp-like service with $11.9 million in reported outside funding. The deal, we’re hearing from multiple sources, is a talent ac

MessageMe Introduces Stickers To Keep Pace With Competition

Carrying the weight of expectation attached to securing $11.9 million funding in your first few months of operation, MessageMe has switched on the ability to send and receive stickers -- the increasin

With A Media-Rich Platform To Stand Out From The Messaging Pack, MessageMe Hits 5M Users In 2.5 Months [Interview]

Last week we reported that <a target="_blank" href="">MessageMe</a>, one of the latest messaging apps to hit the smartphone market, had picked up a <a href="https://techcrunch.

MessageMe Raises A $10M Series A Led By Greylock As It Gears Up For Money And Premium Services In Its Rich Messaging App

MessageMe -- a messaging app that <a href="">launched in March</a> with a little Facebook <a href="">c

Are Viral Loops Or Viral ‘Oops’ Driving Your App’s Growth?

Editor’s Note: Nir Eyal writes about the intersection of psychology, technology, and business at Follow him @nireyal. Recently, MessageMe announced it had grown to 1 million users in

Facebook Brings Down The Hammer Again: Cuts Off MessageMe’s Access To Its Social Graph

<a target="_blank" href="">MessageMe</a>, <a href="">an app that launched last week and raced up the charts to the #2 spot in socia