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  • Mi Box is an affordable 4K HDR streamer, but dragged down by Android TV

    Mi Box is an affordable 4K HDR streamer, but dragged down by Android TV

    The Mi Box is Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi’s play to take on devices like Roku, Apple TV, Android TV and Fire TV. Priced at only $69, and sporting features like integrated Google Cast and voice search, the 4K- and HDR-supporting device seems worth a look. But at the end of the day, Mi Box is still an Android TV player, and subject to limitations of that platform — which… Read More

  • Leak points to refreshed Roku devices sporting new names, HDR support

    Leak points to refreshed Roku devices sporting new names, HDR support

    Roku’s popular media players will be getting a refresh later this fall, according to a new report, as well as a rebranding which will see the device models renamed from those sporting numerical characters (e.g. Roku 1, Roku 2, Roku 3, Roku 4) to names like “Premiere,” “Ultra,” “Express,” and others. It appears that select devices will also receive… Read More

  • Gift Guide: The 5th Generation iPod Touch

    Gift Guide: The 5th Generation iPod Touch

    Apple’s iPod touch is arguably among the last of a dying breed, being a standalone media player that isn’t also a phone. But just because you’re among a species on the verge of extinction doesn’t mean you can’t shine, and the 5th generation iPod touch brings a lot of goodness to the table for a connected mobile device that can’t call anyone. Read More

  • Adapter plays HD files off of any hard drive

    For all the fluff that generally pours out of Brando’s website, there’s always a diamond in the rough here and there. This one seems to be more diamond than rough. It’s basically an adapter that turns any 3.5- or 2.5-inch hard drive into an HD video player for your TV. It’ll also push out files from SD cards and USB thumb drives as well. Read More

  • Mac media app Plex now streams Netflix

    Again with the Plex. I know, I know. But! Today’s news is legitimately interesting: Netflix is now fully functional within Plex, the best damn Mac media player out there. Read More

  • Video Review: Argosy HV675 MediaPlay

    Short Version: The HV675 walks the line between ease of use and speed when it comes to getting video content from your computer onto your TV. There’s no complicated networking to set up, no CDs or DVDs to burn, and most readily-available file formats will work just fine. Read More

  • Mac media player Plex can now play DRM'd iTunes files (plus other goodies)

    Work on Plex, the Mac-enhanced port/fork of XBMC, continues, with the media player having been updated to version 0.7 two days ago. It’s not just a bugfix or anything—I wouldn’t bother mentioning it here if that were the case—as the developers have added several features that should compel you to upgrade. One word about upgrading, though: because so many internal… Read More

  • Meet the new Android media player, TuneWiki

    TC writes: Israeli startup TuneWiki has come a long way. Soon after the iPhone’s launch, the company released an application that allowed users to view highly-accurate lyrics synced karaoke style to any song stored in their music library. But because there was no App Store at the time, TuneWiki was limited to users with jailbroken (hacked) iPhones. Despite this, the application has… Read More

  • D-Link networked DivX media player now available

    DLink’s DSM-330 is now available for $299. It connects to your home networks via Wi-Fi or Ethernet and can play back high definition DivX content on your TV using DivX Connected functionality, which basically streams DivX, Xvid, WMV, DV, MPEG-1, and MJPEG video content (various audio formats too) from your computer and also harnesses your CPU’s horsepower to make all the pretty menus. Read More

  • Iomega ScreenPlay HD is big, relatively cheap

    Iomega has an interesting new product called the ScreenPlay HD — interesting in that there’s an included 500GB of storage for just over $200 and interesting in that there’s no Ethernet port or wireless connection (although wireless would certainly add to the price — Ethernet, not nearly as much). If you don’t mind shuffling the ScreenPlay back and forth betwixt… Read More

  • IOGEAR's 'Portable Media Player' announced

    I’m not quite sure what to make of this so I’ll see if I can’t get my hands on a review unit to take it for a spin. The IOGEAR Portable Media Player is 3.2-inches wide by 5.25-inches long by .75-inches thick and contains a 120GB hard drive. You hook the device up to your computer via USB, dump videos and photos onto it, and then hook it up to your TV via composite or… Read More

  • First Look: Hardware DivX Player Prototype

    Ubergizmo got a chance to play with an in-development 720p networked media player built around the DivX platform. While they compared it to AppleTV, such a device seems more like an orange — it’s dependent upon a host PC, doesn’t have a hard drive, and doesn’t make use of content purchased from an iTunes-like store. All that aside, the device has a couple… Read More