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Ezeecube Is A Stackable, All Inclusive Media Center For Your Home

<a target="_blank" href="">Ezeecube</a> wants to be the all-in-one media hub for your home. Yo

Apple Patents Smart Home And Media Center Remote Control Via iPhone

The fabled Apple television set is still a fable, lo these many years after it first was whispered into the waiting ear of an analyst or blogger, but today Apple has secured a new patent (via AppleIns

XBMC 12 Frodo Arrives, Bringing Raspberry Pi And Android Versions, AirPlay Audio For Windows And 64bit OS X Support

XBMC launched version 12.0 (codenamed Frodo) of its media center software today, bringing a ton of new features and opening up support to new platforms. As a longtime Plex user, this XBMC release look

Mvix announces Ultio Pro media center

<img src="" />Mvix's Ultio Pro looks suspiciously like a commercial version of an HTPC. Designed with 1080p decoding, network media playba

Netflix on Boxee, but no AppleTV support (yet)

Boxee, the excellent, multi-platform, FOSS social media frontend has received a major upgrade: it now supports Netflix and all its functions — queue, watch instantly, and so on. In addition to t

FUZEbox: home media all-in-one setup

I’m no expert in these little home media boxes, but I suspect they are excellent investments for those of you with too much money. Certainly the abilities of a Vista Media Center type setup are

Now that's one leet media center

I’m going to make a confession here. “1337” used to be the combination for my bike lock. Stop laughing. I said stop laughing. But not only is Donn’s leet little media center fa

Loewe Packs Features into Minimalist Design

The Loewe stand at IFA caught my eye for two reasons.  The image above struck my funny bone, and the image below filled me with deep techno-lust.  At a show filled with televisions that all looked v

Fluid Digital's latest media server rocks Media Server TV Pack

Remember how Microsoft is only sending the TV Pack upgrade to OEM partners and not allow end-users an upgrade path? Fluid Digital is one of those OEMs and it seems they are one of the first companies

Google tries to take over our TVs

Google just announced its odd Google Media Server, a Windows app that finds photos, music, and video and makes it available to DLNA devices like the PlayStation 3, XBox 360, and most Media Center PCs.

Sony launches two new stylish Vaio "Media Center PCs"

Sony will update the TP1, their so-called “Media Center” PCs, with the VGX-TP1DQ/B and VGX-TP1D [JP], the company said today [JP]. The main difference between the two models is that the latter

Review: SageTV HD Media Extender

The SageTV HD Media Extender is a $250 ($200 if you already have a SageTV license)box that streams high-definition content from a PC over an Ethernet connection. Supported files include MPEG1/2/4, H.2

Media Center to get DVD streaming

The folks at TGB sat down with Jessica Zahn of Microsoft at CES and got the nod that DVD streaming is coming. There’s no official time line as to when it will come to a media center near you, bu

Moneual I*magine barely looks like a media center PC, has really nice external touch screen

I thought this was another oversized satellite radio home kit from afar. As I got closer, I figured it was some sort of retro bread crisper. Then when I got even closer, I could have sworn it was a bi

HP Pavilion HDX: 20 Inches of Media Rockingness

HP and the rest of the laptop world are dumping hundreds of laptops tomorrow, but the HDX seems to stand out in a potentially crowded news day. It’s essentially a huge media center with a tiltin

CyberLink Live Shares Media So You Don't Have To

Where once there were none, there are now multiple options for accessing the photos, videos and music trapped on your home PC from any Web-enabled computer. CyberLink is putting its expert knowledge o

Shuttle XPC X200m Hands On

While I’m certain there are people out there that think Apple pioneered the “mini” computer, Shuttle Computers has long been an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of small-fo

JVC Sophisti DD-3 Media System

JVC just dove into the home media center market and its latest offering is the Sophisti DD-3. Aside from an odd name, the DD-3 system is based upon speakers and a main unit. The main unit acts as a ne

AVerMedia AVerTV Hybrid Ultra USB TV Tuner Goes Both Ways

The AVerTV Hybrid Ultra USB might look a tad on the dull side, but the little gray box contains a TV tuner for receiving both standard- and high-definition broadcasts and has an MPEG-2 hardware encode

Linksys KiSS 1600 Wireless Media Hub

Introduced today at CeBIT is the Linksys KiSS 1600 wireless media hub. This is a must-have media device that can stream all sorts of digital content including HD video to your TV through the internet
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