• .me — 10 years and two percent of exports Crunch Network

    .me — 10 years and two percent of exports

    Ten years ago, Montenegro became an independent country, separating from Serbia by a narrow margin of less than 1 percent of required votes in an independent referendum. This new independence meant many changes for a country that’s roughly the size of Connecticut. One of those important changes was something few expected: the country’s new domain name extension. Read More

  • Me: The kiss of death for software projects

    Is the word “Me” responsible for the problems with MobileMe? Labnol points out that that three major “me” initiatives – Windows Me, .me, and MobileMe all angered folks immediately and nearly failed – or did fail. Read More

  • Me abortive Me Session

    Before Like most Mactards this morning I headed over to to check out the new goodies. As I logged in I was presented with the MobileMe screen with an array of icons and my excitement, needless to say, was palpable and turgid. Sadly, however, my palpability deflated as I was then kicked back to the MobileMe intro page again and again, thwarted from enjoying MobileMe features. Words… Read More

  • Apple sends out MobileMe boxes slightly prematurely

    It looks like Apple sent out a few German MobileMe boxes prematurely, exciting fans of push email everywhere. No, it doesn’t work yet and no it didn’t include an iPhone update to enable the Me. Considering the service is mostly web-based anyway, this was most likely an empty box with some manuals inside it. Read More

  • The Essential Collection Of Windows Splash Screens

    ZDNet must have a severe case of XP nostalgia because they’ve abandoned Vista and are now rowing backwards through the river of time. A recent pictorial shows all the Microsoft Windows start-up (splash) screens all the way from Windows 1.01 to Windows Vista. Quite the evolution Microsoft has made. Take a look at Windows For Workgroups and Windows ME. Failure? Anyone? Anyway, the slideshow… Read More