The Midnight is the new synth pop you need in your life; here’s the world premiere of their new video

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen me waxing poetic about The Midnight, an LA-based synthwave band that has been putting out modern nostalgia for the 80s set since 2012. Yeah yeah, why is this on TechCrunch? Because I love it and I know a good chunk of our audience will too, simple as that. Also I’m the boss, so no one can tell me what not to post. Deal.

The Midnight is Tyler Lyle and Tim McEwan and their latest album, Monsters, hits in July of 2020 — but you can check out their discography on Spotify or Apple Music. There is also a dope visual scene on YouTube cutting together their songs with movie montages from the synth era — as well as new bit heavy compositions from video artists.

I’ve been a fan for a few years now, and have listened to all of their releases many times on loop. Especially when I’m in full flow state writing or working on projects. It’s seriously nostalgia rich but also crisp and tight and not at all indulgent beyond the degree it needs to be.

I’m stoked to be able to drop in the world premiere of their new video with Gustavo Torres AKA Kidmograph — a visual artist working in motion design and music videos. “We’ve been fans of Kidmograph for a very long time and we’re so thankful that we get to partner with him on this lyric video,” said the band. “The ethos of this record about connection uses inspiration from the early PC culture of the late 80s and early 90s. Kidmograph totally nailed it.”

“The idea was to recreate some sort of retro video game where the character goes on an adventure into the depths of the sea (which in fact is the depths of its own mind) looking for an adventure (his love),” says Kidmograph. “At the end, we realize it was all an illusion, built in a small corner of a teenager’s room. The excuse of the lyric video as a video game representation was really fun and a different take to work with. Emulating an old operating system designed for the band, we dive through both the lyrics and visuals as an adventure into the unknown.”

Check out the lyric video premiere for Deep Blue here: