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    Panasonic's portable neck and leg massagers

    Panasonic Japan has announced [JP] two devices of a very different kind today: A massage device for your neck and one for your legs. Both massagers are primarily targeted at women and marketed by Panasonic as “compact and portable”. Read More

  • In which we see a young lady holding the Philips Sensual Massager at IFA

    The thing that got the biggest titters at IFA were Philips improved “sensual massagers,” the his and hers HF8400. Interestingly, Philips is straight up saying this is a sex toy and it was on display next to a bed in the Philips booth. Good on them. I haven’t tried it but this young lady sincerely enjoyed modeling it. Read More

  • Video: Unboxing the Form 6 Massager

    Hey, guys, guess what just came in the mail? The Form 6 massager with dual-action for those heard to reach places. I’ll do a full review shortly – WITH PICS! – but here’s a quick unboxing for you all. Note: This is for external use only. Read More

  • This dynamo-powered flashlight… it vibrates?

    In the distant future, I envision a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Cannibalism and harsh justice are present in equal amounts, and the only thing more prized than bullets… is batteries. In this blasted landscape, the only relief afforded the dwindling survivors — hungry, tired, and irradiated — is found in a small shack hidden between the painted cliffs of the former… Read More

  • Massager Doubles As Torture Device

    For those with bad headaches or big egos, this 92-brush head massager will keep the brain prepped and ready for action. There’s not much more info on it, since I can’t read much Japanese (golden mountain … head skin … product number … thing), but the brush extensions are meant to poke you in the right places along the rim of the head to keep you refreshed… Read More