Panasonic's portable neck and leg massagers

Panasonic Japan has announced [JP] two devices of a very different kind today: A massage device for your neck and one for your legs.  Both massagers are primarily targeted at women and marketed by Panasonic as “compact and portable”.

The neck massage device is cordless and weighing just 48g, it allows you to walk around in your house or office while you use it. It’s powered by CR2032 button cell batteries and offers four “massage programs” that you can choose from.

Walking around with the leg massager is obviously a little difficult, but it’s pretty compact (size: 20.3×51.8×1.5cm, weight: 450g), too. It’s not battery-powered though (you’ll need an AC adapter).

Both devices are Japan-only at this point. The neck massager will be released in Japan on March 1 (price: $80), while the device for the legs will go on sale March 15 (price: $170). If you’re interested but live outside Japan, I suggest to contact import/export specialist Geek Stuff 4U.