• Crunch Report | Snapchat Starts Selling Spectacles

    Instagram adds some new features to Stories, Snapchat starts selling Spectacles out of vending machines, Facebook has a misinformation problem, Tusk Holdings tries to find silver lining in Trump and Nasty Gal files for bankruptcy. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • Scorpion logging machine will eventually kill us all

    What a pleasant, soothing video of a graceful, six-legged stinger-tailed killing machine used for “logging,” whatever that is. All that needs to be done now is to equip these things with front-mounted lasers and let them loose in a big city. In a non-paranoid world, this machine is a logging prototype made by John Deere in cooperation with Plustech Oy. It’s not new, either… Read More

  • Japanese Automatic Beer Pouring Machine: Homer Simpson Would Be Thrilled

    In addition to their fantastic planes, trains and automobiles, the Japanese brew some fine beer. Also, breaking news, the Japanese also know a thing or two about creating electronics, gadgets, robots, you name it. So when I saw this automatic beer-pouring machine I knew I had to write about it when I got back. Read More