Science and technology will make mental and emotional wellbeing scalable, accessible, and cheap

If it were an issue for you, what would you pay to get rid of stress, anxiety, loneliness, sadness, physical and mental pain, or depression? Or conversely, what would you pay to be happy, feel connec

Lumosity “Brain Training” App Maker To Pay $2 Million Settlement To FTC

Lumos Labs, the creator of “brain training program” Lumosity with $67.5 million in venture funding, has agreed to pay a $2 million settlement to the Federal Trade Commission for its dece

Are Apps The New Gurus? The Rise Of Self-Help Tech

The way we do everything has been turned upside down: how we read, how we communicate, how we get from point A to point B, how we eat and how we get help when we need it. We are living through the “

Lumosity Raises $31.5M From Discovery Communications For Brain Fitness Games

<a target="_blank" href="">Lumosity,</a> a company that creates online fitness games, has raised $31.5 million in Series D funding from Discovery Communications with existing i

Lumosity Raises $32.5 Million For Brain Fitness Games

<img src="" class="shot2"><a href="">Lumosity,</a> a company that creates online fitness games, has rai

Lumos Labs Gets $3 Million Funding for Brain Games

As you age your brain slows down, your memory goes, and your attention lapses. Online brain fitness games like Lumosity sell the promise of stopping that decline. But as the chart below shows, it is a

Are you as smart as a chimp?

I sat down with Mike Scanlon, Co-Founder of Lumos Labs, recently and got a full demo of Lumosity. It quickly revealed how lethargic and slow I’ve become since I started working at home. I know w