Are you as smart as a chimp?


I sat down with Mike Scanlon, Co-Founder of Lumos Labs, recently and got a full demo of Lumosity. It quickly revealed how lethargic and slow I’ve become since I started working at home. I know we’ve all said we need to do brain exercises to keep our wits about us and to stay sharp, but have we really done that? I know I haven’t.

It really only takes a few minutes a day to keep our brains from turning into mush. The great thing about Lumos Labs and what they’re doing with Lumosity is that they have scientific studies and proof for you to read about so you don’t feel like they’re just taking your money. The exercises are quite fun and you’ll find out within seconds just how sharp your memory is and how attentive you are. There’s a free trial and you can also test yourself against Ayumu, a 7-year-old chimp. Watch her in action here.