Ask Sophie: What are the latest H-1B lottery updates?

This week, Sophie discusses a myriad of recent updates: The lottery will now be ā€œ1 person, 1 chance,ā€ there are new filing fees, forms, software updates, and more.

TikTok launches its first creator crediting tool to help video creators cite their inspiration

After years of stolen memes and uncredited dance trends, TikTok today is introducing a new feature that it says will be the first iteration of its creator crediting tools that allow creators to direct

Dear Sophie: Will the H-1B lottery be based on the highest wages?

Iā€™m currently working on OPT for an early-stage biotech startup. I heard that the next lottery will not select H-1B candidates based on the highest salaries paid. What else should I know?

AutoLotto launches its mobile Powerball app

Purchasing a lottery ticket is usually a simple thing. Maybe too simple. But holding onto tickets long enough to check the numbers and redeem any winners requires more effort than many would prefer. T

Amazon Wii and PS3 Lottery Results

Last night I checked the odds that I’d be able to purchase a Wii—28 to 1. I had thought that was a pretty solid chance. Odds like that are hard to come by in any lottery system. So I logge