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Chipolo brings its lost item trackers to Android’s Find My Device network

Smart item tracker Chipolo, a competitor to Apple’s AirTag and others, opted to grow its business by partnering with the Cupertino tech giant, not fighting them, as rival Tile has done. When App

10-year-old Chipolo explains why it’s not worried about Apple’s AirTag

When Apple’s AirTag came onto the scene in 2021, competitors like Tile were quick to bash the tech giant for antitrust issues, saying smaller companies had no chance of competing with Apple&#821

Someone already turned Apple’s AirTag into a slim, wallet-friendly card

Apple’s new AirTag item trackers are pretty small, but not quite small enough to slip into most wallets without adding an obvious bit of bulk. Fortunately, as one talented AirTag owner has found

Tile brings its lost item-tracking service to wearables with Google Fitbit deal for Inspire 2 owners

Lost item finder Tile, the maker of the popular Bluetooth-powered tracker that can help you find your misplaced keys, bag, wallet or more, is bringing its tracking service to a wearable device for the

Item tracking startup Adero is laying off 45% of staff, just weeks after it pivoted

Pivots can be the making of a startup, helping teams refocus on a good idea when previous things haven’t worked. But sometimes, they are just one more step on a difficult track. TechCrunch has l

Lost-Item Tracker Tile Rolls Out A Renewal Service Offering Early Adopters Discounted Replacements

Tile, the small, square-shaped lost item tracker which recently raised an additional $3 million from Khosla Ventures as an extension on its earlier $13 million Series A, had previously indicated that

Lost Item Tracker Tile Locates $3 Million More In Series A Funding From Khosla Ventures

Tile, the square-shaped lost item tracker that attaches to everything from bikes to bags to key chains and more and then helps you locate those items if lost or stolen through a mobile app, has now ra

Lost-Item Tracker Tile Arrives On Android

When Tile, the square-shaped lost-item tracker that attaches to bags, bikes, key chains and more, announced this fall that it had raised $13 million in funding (a combination of a seed round and Seri

Lost-Item Tracker Tile Raises $13 Million To Fund International Expansion, Android Release

Tile, the lost-item tracker that raised millions in crowdfunding wants to give objects a voice by connecting them to the web. To capitalize on the growing demand for Tile’s small, square-shape

Tile, The Lost-Item Tracker With Millions In Crowdfunding, Was Worth The Wait

The first thing you'll notice about Tile, the crowdfunded lost-item finder that attaches to bags, keys, bikes and more, is that it's big. I mean, I know the company provided the device's specs beforeh

Locca Wants To Stop You Losing Stuff — Or Your Kids — With Its SIM-Packing GPS Trackers

You wait ages for a lost item tracker hardware startup, and then loads and loads pile on at once. Meet Locca, an Austrian startup that has just kicked off a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for a pa