Backing up the history of the internet in Canada to save it from Trump

When the Library of Alexandria burned, the world lost a significant portion of its cultural knowledge and history. That’s the fate that Brewster Kahle fears might await the Internet Archive under Do

Homeland Security Shuts Down Library’s TOR Node Citing “Situational Awareness”

In a move that is sure to end well for the Department Of Homeland Security and the police in Lebanon, New Hampshire, officials have asked a New Hampshire public library to shut down its TOR node to pr

Illinois Library Embraces Crowdfunding To Bring Its Patrons A 3D Printer (And A Giant Hulk Statue)

Retooling the traditional public library for a more technically savvy populace is no small feat, especially when library budgets across the U.S. have been gutted these past few years. That sad sta

Point, Shoot, Reserve: OCLC brings library information to RedLaser

<img src="" alt="A rainbow of colors" title="A rainbow of colors" />The Online Computer Library Center is one of those quiet org