OK, whose rocket just hit the moon?

You know you’re living in the space age when a rocket hits the moon, and the industry as a whole points to the sky and, like an angry teacher holding up a paper airplane, asks “Who launche

Max Q: Nanoracks, Voyager and Lockheed Martin plan commercial space station

Hello and welcome back to Max Q. The era of commercial space stations is here. Read on for news from Nanoracks, Voyager and Lockheed Martin on their plans to launch a space station in 2027, plus news

LeoLabs raises $65M Series B for its satellite monitoring and collision detection service

Low Earth orbit is full of stuff: not only bits of debris and junk, but also satellites — the number of which is growing rapidly alongside the decreasing cost of launch. This can occasionally pose a

SpaceX and LeoLabs partner up for tracking of Starlink satellite deployments

SpaceX and orbital object-tracking startup LeoLabs have announced a new commercial partnership that will see LeoLabs track SpaceX’s Starlink satellites during their initial deployment and orbita

LeoLabs launches its global satellite monitoring and collision avoidance service

LeoLabs has been building out its global network of space-scanning radars for the last couple years, leading up to today’s launch of its Collision Avoidance system, essentially satellite-monitor

LeoLabs raises $4M to build out its space debris collision avoidance network

Low-Earth orbit is a prime candidate for explosive commercial growth, but it’s also a space where the risk of actual explosions resulting from debris impact is a legitimate concern for business