Codementor, A Learning Platform For Developers, Launches Live Group Classes

Codementor, an open marketplace for code instructors, is ramping up its services with the launch of live group classes. The startup, a Y Combinator alum, also announced that it has doubled its seed fu

Koding Raises $7.25 Million More, Matrix Partners’ Josh Hannah Joins The Board

Koding, a startup that provides browser-based tools to help developers code and collaborate together, has raised $7.5 million in Series B Funding, according to an SEC filing. Along with the funding, M

Koding Raises $2 Million To Let Developers Program From Anywhere

Programers should spend their time crushing code, not on setting up domains and configuring editors. San Francisco startup <a href="http://koding.com/">Koding</a> has raised a <a href="http://www.mar