Koding Raises $7.25 Million More, Matrix Partners’ Josh Hannah Joins The Board

Koding, a startup that provides browser-based tools to help developers code and collaborate together, has raised $7.25 million in Series B Funding, the company has confirmed. Along with the funding, Matrix Partners general partner has joined the board, suggesting that the firm has led the round.

The startup makes coding easier by providing a cloud-based platform that supports Java, NodeJS, Perl, Python, Ruby, C, C++, Go, and other languages. The idea is to providing a browser-based staging server where developers can build applications, test them, and share them with others to improve them.

It also provides a community aspect, where developers can swap code with each other and collaborate on projects, without having to worry about too many things breaking. They can simply share access to their development environment to allow others to work on the same code. The platform tracks revisions so that code can be easily rolled back if anything goes wrong.

After a beta launch in March, Koding has gradually been opening up to more developers over time. In July, it enabled existing users to invite others to join the platform. At that time, CEO Devrim Yasar told TechCrunch that about 10,000 developers had joined, with about 70 percent of all those invited actually signing up to use the service.

Since then, signups have exploded: It has a waitlist of nearly 200,000, even after opening up the platform to 30,000 beta users. It’s also added headcount over the last several months — Koding now has 13 employees, up from four in the spring. But it’s looking to grow even more — specifically, Yasar wants to adds people in biz dev to take the product out to more universities and organizations. But first, it has to come out of private beta.

“We’re almost at the point where we can go to any university and say, ‘This makes sense for your computer science program,’ or go to every company and tell them ‘You have to develop on this platform,'” Yasar told me by phone.

The new funding comes on top of $2 million that the company raised in the spring from RTP Ventures and Greycroft.