Koding Raises $2 Million To Let Developers Program From Anywhere

Programers should spend their time crushing code, not on setting up domains and configuring editors. San Francisco startup Koding has raised a $2 million Series A from RTP Ventures and Greycroft to eradicate friction for programmers with its browser-based cloud development platform and developer community.

As of today Koding lets you program remotely in a wide variety of languages, quickly configure WordPress, Joomla, and web servers, and meet other developers who can be instantly authorized to work on your environment. Developers can even ditch localhost and get a free hosted server to work on.

Koding was founded in mid-2011 when co-founder & CEO Devrim Yasar discovered how tedious it was to get a development project started. When he launched the first iteration of Koding that handled basic tasks like domain and FTP setup, 10,000 developers jumped on board in the first two weeks. Now over 40,000 have signed up.

Today Koding releases a big expansion, allowing for full software development from the browser in ruby, python, C++, php, perl, & node.js. Developers can code from a functional Terminal in their browsers that connect to a free hosted server. It’s got proper security, and doesn’t discriminate between languages or hosts. Programmers can bro out and collaborate through the development community, and authorizing each other to work on products is as easy as friending someone on Facebook.

While competitors like Cloud9 IDE address development individual issues, the Koding team tells me their company aims to “look holistically at all the biggest problems developers face and knock them off.” With the time and new office it’s paying for with this new funding, Koding will be able to continue smoothing out pain points and become even more integral. Yasar tells me Koding wants to “become the next GitHub. You’ll share code on GitHub and work on it over here on Koding.”