• With Hundreds Of Thousands Of Phones Collected, Device Recycler ecoATM Adds Tablets

    With Hundreds Of Thousands Of Phones Collected, Device Recycler ecoATM Adds Tablets

    According to Strategy Analytics, about 1.6 billion mobile phones were shipped in 2012, with 700 million of those being smartphones. That doesn’t even take tablets into account. Compass Intelligence estimates that 18 million new tablets were sold during the fourth quarter of 2012. Naturally, as waves upon waves of new smartphones and tablets hit stores, people need a way of disposing of… Read More

  • Would you use an ATM for movies?

    I’m not quite sold on this idea but I thought I’d see what everyone else thinks. There’s a company in Ireland called PortoMedia that’s developed movie kiosks. These kiosks will be found in four unknown US test cities in the near future (please let me know if you see one) and they’ll hold approximately 350 to 5,000 movies, each of which can be downloaded to a… Read More

  • Dell closing kiosks because they're worthless

    Maybe worthless is the wrong adjective, but you have to admit that those kiosks are rather pointless. Today, Dell announced that they will close 140 kiosks throughout the US to focus on direct and retail business. Tony Weiss, vice president for Dell’s Global Consumer business, had this to say: “Moving into retail is a prime example of Dell listening to its customers. Ever since… Read More

  • Kodak's Picture Kiosk G4 More Fun Than It Should Be

    Until yesterday, I hadn’t used a photo kiosk since the year 2000. At that time all the kiosk had was a flatbed scanner and maybe a floppy and/or CD-ROM, but I don’t remember (dude, it was seven years ago. Back off!). I was given the opportunity to test out the newest kiosk from Kodak yesterday—the Kodak Picture Kiosk G4—and while most of the things it does I can do at… Read More