• More Money For Utah & Other Mountain-Area Startups: Kickstart Raises $26M Second Fund, Invests In RackWare, Its First Non-Utah Company

    More Money For Utah & Other Mountain-Area Startups: Kickstart Raises $26M Second Fund, Invests In RackWare, Its First Non-Utah Company

    Kickstart Seed Fund (not to be confused with crowdfunding giant Kickstarter), has raised $26 million for a second fund to invest in Utah-based startups, along with others in the “Mountain West” region of the U.S. Since its launch in 2008, with a $8 million fund raised by Managing Director Gavin Christensen, Kickstart has invested in 24 companies, including two exits… Read More

  • Another One Bites The Dust: Yahoo Shutters Kickstart

    Yahoo is definitely on a cutting spree: after shutting down both Y!Live and Jumpcut, as well as selling off Kelkoo, it’s now time for Yahoo Kickstart to pay a visit to the deadpool. Kickstart was launched in April this year and aimed to connect students and alumni at specific colleges and universities and also help them connect on a professional level. Read More

  • Hands on with RIM's BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220

    RIM today used CTIA to launch their first BlackBerry flip phone, the Pearl Flip 8220 (formerly known as the KickStart), bringing it to the floor for the world to see. Just like the original Pearl, the Pearl Flip uses the two-letters-per-key SureType QWERTY setup. Combined with predictive typing, I was able to two-thumb type at a speed just a tad bit slower than I would on a standard… Read More

  • T-Mobile officially announces the BlackBerry Pearl 8220 aka KickStart

    It’s been rumored for months and today RIM finally made the KickStart official, but now it’s being called the Pearl 8220. It does everything we’ve all grown to love from our candybar BlackBerries, but now it’s a flip phone! So what does the latest BlackBerry Pearl bring to the table? Hit the jump to see some of its features. Read More

  • Video: BlackBerry KickStart gets fondled

    You’ve got to hand it to CrackBerry. They really are addicted to anything and everything churned out by RIM. My addiction is slowly waning. Anyway, here’s a hands-on video of RIM’s upcoming flip phone. Read More

  • BlackBerry Kickstart needs to go on a diet

    RIM’s upcoming clamshell, the BlackBerry Kickstart has many wondering why they would even bother, but some, including myself, assumed it’d be a slim and trim device. That does not appear to be true made evident by the photos obtained by Crackberry. It’s a bit thick. What do you guys think? Read More

  • What it's like to use the BlackBerry KickStart

    It seems pretty basic and doesn’t appear that you’ll be missing out on the BlackBerry experience with the new flip variation. In fact, it’s pretty much the same thing. Except for the fact that you’d have to dial on a SureType pad and flip open the phone, but you can see the incoming messages on the external display. I don’t see the point of this device given the… Read More

  • T-Mobile to get BlackBerry KickStart in September?

    So the clamshell BlackBerry from RIM that surfaced the other day is getting spec’d out thanks to BGR. The KickStart will be quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE with a 2-megapixel camera and Wi-Fi. Following the Pearl’s example, the KickStart will be available in a variety of anodized colors. I don’t know, clamshells could be making a comeback. I kind of dig this one regardless of the… Read More

  • BlackBerry Kickstart: RIM's first clamshell

    The rumors are true, RIM does have a clamshell BlackBerry and it’s said to be coming soon. Most likely by the end of the year. The Kickstart as it’s being dubbed at the moment has a SureType keyboard, external LCD and has the same trackball we’ve all come to love or loathe. I don’t know about this one. I’m not that big a fan of clamshells, but it is a BlackBerry. Read More