• JVC drops the ball, releases a $200 BD Profile 1.1 Blu-ray player

    Last year I made a habit of calling out manufacturers that released Blu-ray players that didn’t have the latest Profile 2.0 spec. That was last year. But for some odd reason, JVC has introduced a brand new Blu-ray player that confirms to the old Profile 1.1 spec and therefore doesn’t have an Ethernet port or can playback any of the BD-Live features. Oh and this player has an MSRP… Read More

  • Victor JVC announces a very pretty, very thin home theater sound system

    Victor JVC has announced [JP] a new home theater sound system for the Japanese market today, consisting of a set of two speakers (SP-FT1/FT2) and the corresponding amplifier (AX-FT1/FT2). And the system is very pretty, mainly because the speakers are just 30.8mm thin and weigh 0.85kg each. Read More

  • Review: JVC Everio X GZ-X900

    What is the Everio X GZ-X900? Is it a pocket camcorder like a Flip? Is it a fully-fledged video camera? Is it a YouTube-uploading device? Is it a hybrid of all of these – and more? This new Everio is basically a compact video camera that records at full 1920×1080 1080i resolution at 24Mbps in its highest setting. It can take 9-megapixel still images and records directly to an… Read More

  • JVC has two new sets of cans, the Black Series (sounds mean)

    JVC knows what’s up. It’s good to see that not every set of headphones outed by A/V companies lately are in-ear models. Over-the-ear cans are not only so much more comfy, but they generally sound better than in-ear ones too. These two new models come to us under the Black Series label – whatever the hell that means. Read More

  • Victor JVC to roll out new Everio full HD camcorder

    Victor JVC Japan announced [JP] a new full HD camcorder from their Everio series today, the Everio GZ-HM400. The device features a 10.3MP CMOS sensor, 10x optical zoom, 32GB of built-in storage, a 2.8-inch flip-out LCD screen, a YouTube and iTunes upload function, a USB port and an HDMI interface. Read More

  • JVC announces DivX-compatible Blu-ray player with USB port

    JVC Japan announced the XV-BP1 today [JP], a new Blu-ray player that comes with two interesting features and a fair price. The player supports DivX/MPEG-4/MKV/AVCHD files and sports a USB port at the front so you can plug in a USB stick with your DivX-movies (you know, the ones you downloaded legally earlier) into the device and directly start watching. Read More

  • XIVIEW: JVC launches new brand for high-end LCD TVs

    JVC today announced a new brand for LCD TVs in Japan [JP]. The first model of the badly named XIVIEW series is the LT-42WX7, a full HD display sized at 42 inches. JVC said they first want to target business customers with the new model, possibly followed by XIVIEWs for home use. Read More

  • JVC set to release the world's thinnest 32-inch LCD display

    JVC presented a prototype of a super-thin and super-light 32-inch LCD TV back in January (during the CES) and today announced [JP] that sales of the device will begin this August (in Japan, at least). The company claims the model is the world’s thinnest LCD display of that size. Read More

  • JVC now shipping $2400 42-inch LCD "monitor" for DSLR users

    Announced back in January at CES, JVC announced today that the LT-42WX70 LCD “monitor” is now shipping for $2400. JVC is marketing the 42-inch LCD 1080p/120Hz HDTV in the hopes that it will snag photographers using a DSLR who might be shopping around for a high-end “monitor”. Sure, it displays 96 percent of the Adobe RGB spectrum and includes 52 image quality tweaks, but… Read More

  • JVC introduces 8K projector

    Because of the growing number of consumer-level cameras with 100-megapixel sensors and camcorders shooting at 4240p, JVC has come out with a new 8K (that’s 8000 horizontal pixels) projector with 10,000 lumens of brightness and a 5500:1 contrast ratio. Finally, an ultra-high-def projector the whole family can enjoy! Read More

  • JVC releases the Everio X: 9-megapixel HD video in a teeny package

    Look at this clever little thing: it’s the Everio X, a 9-megapixel camera that shoots full 1920×1080 video as well as 10x slow motion. Here’s the meat: * The camera is small enough to slip into a shirt pocket and at just 0.66 pounds is one of the lightest cameras that can shoot 1920 x 1080 Full HD AVCHD video;
    * Shoots nine-megapixel (no interpolation) digital stills… Read More

  • JVC Japan rolls out three new Everio camcorders

    JVC Japan announced three new Everio camcorders today, the GZ-MS120/130 [JP] and the high-end GZ-HM200 [JP]. All of the devices, which were shown during the CES, will go on sale in Japan and the US from next month. Read More

  • Review: JVC GZ-HD40U

    Pros: Impressive picture quality, 1080p Full HD resolution, 120GB HDD,small form factor, good color in low light
    Cons: Noise in low light. Pricey. The JVC GZ-HD40U is small enough to go anywhere and can produce some very high-quality recordings. It’s about as long as a soda can and somewhat fatter.It weighs a bit over a pound and is comfortable to hold for hand held shooting.While the… Read More

  • Review: JVC Everio GZ-MG330

    Pros: Small size. Sturdy. Zoom. Records to 30 GB hard drive. Affordable.
    Cons: Light balance in low light a bit yellow in automatic. Not HD. The JVC Everio GZ-MG330 is all about simple and easy. It’s not much bigger than my fist and packs in a 30 gigabytye hard drive for up to 37 hours of recording in the most compressed mode. This camcorder is so small, that on my way out the door… Read More

  • HP-DX700: Victor JVC unveils headphones with wooden housing

    Victor JVC Japan today announced the HP-DX700 [JP], headphones with wooden housing for better sound quality. The device, which goes in sale in Nippon in the middle of next month, weighs 380 grams. It operates in a 5Hz to 30kHz frequency. Read More

  • JVC announces new line up of products in car audio

    The theme of this years CES seems to have been connectivity. Between Netflix being in everything, and the Palm Pre, it seems like the major focus is connecting your gadgets together, and doing it well. Along that vein, JVC has announced several new products with integrated connectivity options. Read More

  • Victor / JVC to present the world's lightest 32-inch LCD TV at CES

    Victor JVC has today unveiled a next-generation 32-inch LCD display [PDF] that is the company’s thinnest (7mm) and the world’s lightest (5kg). A first prototype will be showcased during the CES at the Victor / JVC booth this week. Read More

  • Review: JVC HA-NC250 Noise Canceling Headphones

    Short Version: The first time you put on noise canceling headphones, you can’t believe your ears. When you flip the noise canceling circuitry on, it’s like hitting a mute button on the world (note: does not work on significant others, only constant noise. And no, your SO’s blathering does not count as a constant din.) I never realized how loud my office was until I put on… Read More

  • Everio GZ-MG880: Victor/JVC rolls out another YouTube-friendly video camera

    JVC started selling the Everio GZ-MG880 [JP], a video camera that’s especially geared towards YouTube freaks in Japan on December 5. It costs around $800 and is available in black only. Measuring 53x113x68mm (weight including battery: 350g), the device comes with a 120GB HDD, a 1/6’’ CCD sensor with a 32x optical zoom, 720×480 maximum resolution, a USB 2.0 port, microSD… Read More

  • Victor makes last VHS player

    And now, the end is near;
    And so I face the final rewind.
    My friend, I’ll say it clear,
    I’ll state my case, so please do be kind. I’ve lived a life that’s full.
    I’ve played copies of Lynch’s Lost Highway;
    And more, much more than this,
    I did it my way. Read More