• JVC Combines K2 HD Mastering With HQCDs For Better Audio

    JVC’s audio mastering technique K2 HD was first introduced to the general public in 2007. Under the standard, music is encoded in 24 bit and 100 kHz resolution during mastering but can be stored and played using conventional 16bit/44.1kHz CDs. And now, JVC has combined K2 HD with the HQCD (HiQuality CD) storage format to bring us the “K2HD MASTERING + HQCD” [JP] concept. Read More

  • RD-R2: JVC's Portable Audio Recorder Targets Street Musicians

    JVC Japan announced [JP] the RD-R2 today, a portable audio recorder designed for “street dancers” and musicians. The device lets you store music on microSD/SDHC cards (4GB to 32GB), records music through a built-in stereo mic and plays MP3/WMA/linear PCM (WAV) and AAC files through its 2.5Wx2 speakers. Read More

  • JVC Announces Three New Everio Camcorders

    JVC announced [JP] three new Everio camcorders yesterday, the high-end GZ-HM670/690 and the GZ-HM450. While the first two models boast a back-side illuminated 3.3MP CMOS sensor (for better images in dark areas), the HM450 only has a 1.5MP CMOS sensor. Read More

  • ChromaLED 3D6: Japanese Company Shows 280-Inch 3D LED Display System

    Another day, another 3D-related news item. I guess you never heard about Hibino, but the Tokyo-based electronics company has shown two interesting new products [JP, PDF] today. First, there’s the ChromaLED 3D6, a LED-based display system that’s sized at a whopping 280 inches (pictured) and that can produce 3D images. Read More

  • JVC Busts Out Two 3D Full HD Projectors [Update: Available In The US Next Month]

    Last month, we’ve blogged about the DLA-HD250/250Pro high-end projectors JVC introduced on the American market. In Japan, home theater freaks will soon [JP] be able to lay their hands on two D-ILA branded projectors that both can produce 3D images and feature full HD resolution, the DLA-X7 (in black) and the DLA-X3 (in black or white). Read More

  • The JVC DLA-HD250 Drops D-ILA Projectors To A Lower Pricepoint

    CEDIA, the tradeshow for AV nerds, is currently rocking in Atlanta and JVC took the stage to announce its newest D-ILA projector. Generally, anything that touts D-ILA carries a high price tag. But not this boy. Well, I guess it’s still high, but it’s a lot lower than previous models. You might be able to actually afford this JVC 1080p front projector. Read More

  • Picsio: JVC Rolls Out Two New Full HD Mini Camcorders

    JVC in Japan has announced [JP] two new Picsio camcorders today, the GC-WP10-A (pictured above) and the GC-FM2 (pictured below). Both models record video in full HD, come with web connectivity (iTunes, Facebook, YouTube) and with video editing software LoiloScope on board. They also feature a 3-inch touchscreen and a 1/3.2 CMOS sensor (5MP). Read More

  • Testing out the JVC Everio GZ-HM1SU (in the middle of Jamaica)

    Did you know that I’ve had the JVC Everio GZ-HM1SU in my possession for about a month now? Kinda hard to know that seeing as though I’ve never written about it. We’re going to fix that right now. And while we’re at it, let’s kill two birds with one stone. A friend of mine invited me to Jamaica last week—he’s some sort of big shot down there, it… Read More

  • This new JVC "crystal" camcorder is for women only

    It’s not the first “women-only” camcorder out there, but JVC’s Everio GZ-HM350 (announced [JP] today) has surely the best specs. It’s not based on an existing model but rather one of three new full HD camcorders JVC announced today (the black and silver models have the same specs as this special version). Read More

  • The HD JVC Everio GZ-HM550 lets smartphones control functions via Bluetooth

    The JVC GZ-HM550 brings a new set of standards to the table. It isn’t the 1920 x 1080 recording or 9 MP stills. Nor is it the 32GB internal flash memory with an SD/SDHC card slot playing backup or even the Konica Minolta HD lens. Nope, it’s the novel Bluetooth function that might make a full size camcorder relevant again in a smartphone world. Read More

  • Review: JVC GZ-HM340 compact HD camcorder

    Short version: An excellent camcorder with few faults except one big, fat, glaring one: it only records in 1080i. What year is this again? Read More

  • The JVC GZ-HM340 camcorder offers HD recording for only $499

    High-definition camcorders are constantly falling in price and we like it. The new JVC GZ-HM340 carries a $499 MSRP but yet offers a lot of what we look for in an HD cam. The model sports image stabilization on a 20x Konica Minolta HD zoom lens, along with storing the video to either a SD/SDHC card or its internal 16GB flash memory. But what, there’s more! Read More

  • JVC's new $15,000 projector

    If you have $15,000 to spare for a new gadget, this might be of interest to you: JVC Japan today announced [press release in English] the DLA-SH7NL, a video projector that features a resolution of almost 10 megapixels (4,096×2,400, to be exact). That’s more than four times full HD. Read More

  • JVC announces Blu-ray/DVD/VHS recorder with 250GB HDD

    Here’s a new device that can help those who still sit on precious VHS cassettes that never made it onto discs. JVC announced [JP] the SR-HV250 for the Japanese market today, a Blu-ray/DVD recorder, VHS recorder and 250GB hard disc drive all rolled into one. The device supports MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 and AVREC. You also get a USB port, an SD/SDHC slot, LAN connectivity, an HDMI… Read More

  • HA-FX700: JVC's wooden (and pricey) earphones

    About a year ago, JVC started selling headphones with wooden housing in Japan, claiming the superior sound quality they bring justify the high price ($730). And today the company announced the HA-FX700 [JP], earphones partly made of wood. And we have the same things coming with it again: JVC promising high sound quality and a relatively high price. Read More

  • The JVC XS-SR3 iPod speaker dock plays audio via a series of tubes

    JVC is still at the iPod speaker dock game but at least its latest offering bucks the norm and is actually different. Bonus points for that. The XS-SR3 features tubular speakers that are supposed to help simulate surround sound. The dock also holds the iDevice either vertically or horizontally, just like the B&W Zeppelin Mini I reviewed previously. But unlike that iPod speaker dock, this… Read More

  • JVC has two more sound bars from you to pick from: TH-BA3 and TH-BS7

    Didn’t Nickelodeon used to give away JVC boomboxes and whatnot on its game shows back in the day? (I’m primarily talking to twenty-somethings here, yes.) Imagine you were a contestant on Double Dare, and you manage to find the flag inside the big nose filled with goo, and you win this, the TH-BA3. It’s a sound bar, which are a heck of a lot easier to incorporate into a… Read More

  • 270g: JVC announces world's lightest and smallest HDD camcorder

    JVC Japan announced three new interesting camcorders just last week, but the fresh Everio model the company unveiled today in Tokyo is actually even cooler. JVC says their Everio GZ-HD620 [JP] is the lightest and smallest HD camcorder with a built-in HDD around. And as the device weighs just 270g and is sized at 53mm×63mm×115mm, this isn’t hard to believe. Read More

  • Victor JVC Japan announces new Everio camcorders

    It’s been a long time we heard about JVC updating their Everio brand of camcorders (back in July to be more exact). But the company today announced a total of three new models for the Japanese market. Expect all of these to go on sale outside this country sooner or later. Read More

  • VHS lives: JVC announces VHS/DVD/Blu-ray recorder for Japan

    It seems VHS will never die, and this is generally welcome, as a lot of good movies aren’t still available on optical discs. In summer 2008, Panasonic released a VHS/Blu-ray combo, followed by Sharp’s Aquos BD-HDV22 that was pretty much the same thing. And today, over one year later, JVC anounced the DR-BH250 [JP], which is a VHS recorder, Blu-Ray Recorder and 250GB HDD rolled… Read More

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