Samsung will acquire cloud-computing company Joyent

Samsung Electronics announced today that it has agreed to acquire cloud-computing company Joyent. In a statement, the Korean tech giant said that the transaction (its financial terms were undisclosed)

Joyent Launches Triton, Its New Container Infrastructure For Easier Docker Deployments

Joyent today announced the launch of Triton, its new container infrastructure for making Docker deployments in on-premise clouds and on its own cloud architecture easier. This announcement comes about

Joyent Raises $15M To Bring Enterprise-Grade Docker Support To Its Cloud Platform

Until today, cloud infrastructure company Joyent had raised a total of $120 million in a number of funding rounds, with its 2012 $85 million Series D round being the latest and largest. There aren't a

Joyent Co-Founder Jason Hoffman Steps Down As CTO Of The Cloud Computing Pioneer

<a target="_blank" href="">Joyent</a> co-founder Jason Hoffman is leaving his position as CTO of the pioneering cloud computing company. Hoffman <a target="_blank" href="http://w

New Joyent Service Offers Analytics Without Having To Move Data

Data is really hard to move. It becomes pretty much intractable as it increases in mass. Sure it can be pulled out, but that takes time and bandwidth and incurs a host of costs typically associated wi

Dell Kills Project To Build Out Public Cloud, Sends Layoff Notices

Dell has decided not to build out its public cloud and will instead rely on partners such as <a target="_blank" href="">Joyent</a> to provide infrastructure services. A source close t

AWS Offers General Availability For Node.js, The Popular Development Platform

<a target="_blank" href="">Node.js</a> is the everyman's platform for developing apps. It's JavaScript on the sever. It's relatively easy to learn and it's immensely popular. Now Ama

Joyent Appoints New CEO And Pushes Out Joyent7 For The Emerging Scaled Out Enterprise

<a target="_blank" href="">Joyent</a> has appointed Henry Wasik as its new CEO and released Joyent7 to help companies develop the emerging, scaled-out global enterprise. Wasik repl

Happy Ending To The Joyent Lifetime Subscription Story

Earlier this month <a href="">Joyent announced that it would pull the plug</a> on legacy "lifet

Cloud Computing Company Joyent Leaves Early Supporters Out In The Cold

Back in 2006, cloud computing company <a target="_blank" href="">Joyent</a> offered a <a target="_blank" href="

Cloud Computing Software Company Joyent Raises $85 Million To Pursue Global Growth

Cloud computing software and service provider <a href="">Joyent</a> has secured an $85 million round of new funding, the company is <a href="

Cloud Software Company Joyent Raises $5 Million

<a href="">Joyent</a>, a San Francisco-based cloud computing software and service provider, has secured <a href="">$5 million</a> in debt f

Node.js Knockout 2011 Winners Revealed

<a href="">Joyent</a> has revealed the winners of <a href="">Node Knockout</a>, the annual <a href="">Node.js</a> hac

Joyent Acquires Private Cloud Management Startup Layerboom Systems

<img src="" alt="" title="Layerboom - Create and Manage Virtual Private Server Cloud

Intel Capital Invests In Cloud Computing Pioneer Joyent

<img src="" width="215" height="77" /><a href="">Joyent</a>, the Californian provider of cloud computing sol

Rackspace Offers Cloud Computing with Mosso

Last week’s incident with Amazon Web Services briefly going down may have raised questions about the reliability of cloud computing, but demand is high enough for competitors to keep trying to g

Twitter and Joyent Split Amidst Downtime Travails

Update: According to an ARIN lookup, Twitter appears to be hosted by Verio now. Update 2: Twitter has come out on their blog to say that they are now hosted by NTT America. According to Joyent’s

Joyent Suffers Major Downtime Due To ZFS Bug

Services provided by cloud computing provider Joyent have been offline for three days following issues with ZFS. Strongspace and BingoDisk are amongst services that have been affected since January 12

Here Comes Competition, Apollo

The official developer release of Apollo, a platform that lets developers run their web applications outside of the browser, offline and on the desktop, is less than a week old, and they already have

The Companies of Web 2.0, Part 1

The Web 2.0 conference kicked off today with a number of great workshops. The highlights for us were the Attention Trust board meeting (posts below) and, of course, the Launchpad workshop where a doze