• Joost Continues Fight For Relevancy, Teams Up With Social Network Netlog

    Don’t count out Joost just yet. We recently wrote it still has a heartbeat despite the fact they made the wrong bet years ago by underestimating the power of the web for watching videos. They finally switched to Flash late last year, giving up on P2P, and introduced some social networking features around the video viewing experience to battle established players like Hulu, and… Read More

  • Miro Gets A Makeover

    Miro, an open-source HD video player we wrote about in 2007, launched Miro 2.0, an updated, re-designed, more powerful video player. Several new features have been added to spruce up Miro, including faster performance and torrent downloads, the ability to stream shows from websites like Hulu and YouTube on the sidebar,and the ability to play videos in a separate video. Similar to the 1.0… Read More

  • Joost Has A Heartbeat

    In October we wrote “Joost Turns On Its All-Flash Website. Is Anybody Watching?” It turns out that yes, it appears that they are. A year ago the online video site was a ghost town. Then in September, when the company moved away from the use of downloaded software to an all-browser video experience, viewership spiked. Compete says they had 550k U.S. visitors in November 2008. Read More

  • Joost Just Gives Up On P2P Altogether

    Joost’s two year old online video service was a pretty darned smart idea when it first launched. Instead of streaming video through the Joost website, users would download a Mozilla-based client and watch it there instead. The user experience could be more tightly controlled. And more importantly, the Joost client had built in person-to-person file sharing. That meant Joost had lower… Read More

  • Joost iPhone App makes us remember Joost again

    Joost launched their iPhone application on the App Store this evening, giving users access to 46,000 Joost videos, including major television shows and films. The iPhone has a built in YouTube application already, giving them a serious head start when it comes to video on the iPhone. But archrival Hulu doesn’t yet – giving Joost a little room to maneuver for now. Read More

  • Joost Launches A Broken iPhone App

    Joost launched their iPhone application on the App Store this evening, giving users access to 46,000 Joost videos, including major television shows and films. The iPhone has a built in YouTube application already, giving them a serious head start when it comes to video on the iPhone. But archrival Hulu doesn’t yet – giving Joost a little room to maneuver for now. I’m sure… Read More

  • DirectTV May Enter Online TV War With "Web On Demand" Service

    We’ve received a couple of anonymous tips that DirectTV, a $24 billion satellite TV provider, may be entering the online TV wars with a new site called DirectTV Web On Demand. The site would compete with startups like Hulu, Joost, Fancast,, etc. We don’t know much about the service, or even if it’s real. One of the tipsters says they’ve worked on the project… Read More

  • Joost Turns On Its All-Flash Website. Is Anybody Watching?

    Without much fanfare, Joost has finally turned on the browser version of its Web video service, as we noted it would last month. The new site is all based on Flash, and lets you watch old Bruce Lee flicks, Sci-Fi movies like The Fifth Element, and clips from Barely Political and Comedy Central. The Flash site comes almost exactly a year after I wrote a post pointing out that Joost’s… Read More

  • Hulu Launches All Kinds Of Stuff To Keep You Defocused On Joost

    There’s no way Hulu is going to let Joost get a foothold in the race for attention in online professionally produced video. So what happens when Joost ditches the download, goes all browser and launches a social network around their content? Hulu can do that. No problem. Tonight, via a 1 am press release, Hulu launches: show recommendations, user discussion forums for programs and… Read More

  • New Joost Launches Now. And Next Month Joost Will Be 100% Flash.

    The new browser-based Joost, which we wrote about two weeks ago (screen shots here), launches this morning. The new Joost still requires a plug-in to facilitate P2P transfers of files (reducing Joost’s bandwidth costs and making high-demand live performances feasible). There are lots of new community features in the new Joost, which we outlined in our previous post. Joost isn’t… Read More

  • Screenshots And Video Of The New Joost

    So much for Joost’s carefully prepared plans to release a browser version of their TV over IP service later this month. News leaked this morning that Joost would be abandoning their year old XUL based desktop client in favor of a browser based service that’s more like Hulu and YouTube. Users will still be required to download a plugin that facilitates P2P transfers of files, which… Read More

  • Breaking: Joost Turns to the Web for Help

    Joost, battling for relevance in the online tv world against Hulu and others, will soon no longer require users to download separate desktop software to access the service (its existing software is based on Xul). Instead users will be able to access Joost via a small browser plugin that will continue to use Joost’s P2P technology to distribute video among users quickly. The service… Read More

  • Joost To Undertake Major Restructure

    Joost is said to be preparing a “major retrenchment” of staff as part of a restructure that will see Joost abandon its global ambitions for the US only. According to the Sunday Times, Joost has struggled to convince media and sports companies to sell it global rights, which are usually offered on a country by country basis. The Times reports that Joost still has money in the bank… Read More

  • March Sadness: Joost's pipes, they are clogged

    Wonh, woonnh. Seems Joost is acting up with the live streams of the NCAA games. I was able to get a split-second worth of one of those stupid cell shaded Charles Schwab commercials but every other time I’ve tried to get a one of the games loaded up, I’ve been getting an error message. Joost did say “we fully expect things to go wrong,” so I’ll keep trying… Read More

  • In case you hadn't heard, all NCAA games are on Joost

    Just a heads up that Joost will be conducting a test run of every game in the NCAA tournament, streamed live. There’s a fair amount of warning that this is a test of Joost’s live streaming capabilities, so take that into consideration if you’re hell bent on being able to watch the games reliably. There’s also’s live stream as well, so you’ve got… Read More

  • Turmoil at Joost as CTO sacked then hired by BBC on the same day

    Is Joost going to last the year? The P2P TV yesterday confirmed it had fired CTO Dirk-Willem van Gulik, who then promptly turned up as a new hire at the BBC on the same day. He will be chief technical architect of the BBC Future Media and Technology Group, which is working on – guess what – the BBC iPlayer online TV project. A Joost spokesperson in the US told newteevee that Gulik… Read More

  • OurStage Brings User Picked Content To Joost

    Indie music and film site OurStage has announced a new content partnership with Joost that will see user picked content offered to Joost users. Under the deal, OurStage will offer four channels on Joost: Best of OurStage Shorts, Best of OurStage Comedy, OurStage Music Videos and OurStage Artist Access. The channels will give Joost users access to 10 OurStage Artists on each channel and… Read More

  • Miro Media Player Released; Billed as Open Joost Competitor

    Version 1.0 of the open-source video player Miro was released earlier today. The non-profit company behind Miro has billed its new product not only as a Joost competitor but a purer one at that. You can check out all of Miro’s perceived advantages here, but to sum them up: Miro is open-sourced, DRM-free, friendly to all content creators, connected to all the popular video sharing sites… Read More

  • Joost To Have Chat Via Meebo

    New online video startup Joost may have been somewhat overshadowed by Hulu news the last month or so, but that doesn’t mean they’ve disappeared entirely. Tonight they’ve announced a very cool new feature to the service – instant messaging, via Meebo. Integration for now is via Joost widgets. Over time the feature will likely transitioned into a more direct… Read More

  • Skinkers Raises $16 Million Series B

    Skinkers, the UK company that is building a P2P live TV platform with Microsoft, has taken $16 million Series B in a round led by Acacia Capital Partners that included original investors Spark Ventures and the Skinkers Management team. Skinkers will use the funding to further develop and enhance their Live Notification Platform technology and bring to market LiveStation, their live P2P… Read More