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John McAfee arrested after DOJ indicts crypto millionaire for tax evasion

Cybersecurity entrepreneur and crypto personality John McAfee’s wild ride could be coming to an end after he was arrested in Spain today, and now faces extradition to the U.S. over charges spann

John McAfee’s ‘unhackable’ Bitfi wallet got hacked — again

If the security community could tell you just one thing, it’s that “nothing is unhackable.” Except John McAfee’s cryptocurrency wallet, which was only unhackable until it wasn&

‘Unhackable’ BitFi crypto wallet has been hacked

The BitFi crypto wallet was supposed to be unhackable and none other than famous weirdo John McAfee claimed that the device – essentially an Android-based mini tablet – would withstand any

ICOs are becoming funds

What does a startup do with $48 million? $130 million? $1.7 billion? This question – one integral in the whole ICO craze – hasn’t quite been answered yet but it’s going to be f

Intel Security is McAfee again

If you were on the internet in a certain era, you remember McAfee. It was the defensive line between you and the rest of the internet, reminding you with incessant popups that you were not hacked, not

John McAfee’s first move as a new CEO is to rename the company after himself

Some exciting news from the John McAfee camp today: America's favorite (and most entertaining) cybersecurity expert has a new gig! MGT Capital Investments, a publicly traded company that owns and oper

Presidential Candidate John McAfee To Talk At Disrupt SF

The eccentric millionaire John McAfee will be joining us on Disrupt TV Live at TechCrunch Disrupt SF next week to discuss his presidential ambitions and new political party. The developer of the fi

John McAfee Just Put Out A Very Strange Official Presidential Campaign Announcement

John McAfee is officially entering the presidential race. He announced via YouTube today that he is joining the crowded 2016 race, but will be doing so under his own newly-created political party,

Antivirus Software Pioneer John McAfee Is Running For President

Fresh off of a DUI and gun possession arrest last month, software pioneer John McAfee has decided that the presidency of the United States is his next logical step. [tweet

Demonsaw Uses “Social Cryptography” To Share Files And Data Anonymously

While Demonsaw sounds like it would be an amazing metal band, it’s actually a sharing system built by a senior programmer at Rockstar Games. The creator, Eijah, was part of the core team for Gra

John McAfee In Crazytown

"The press has portrayed me alternately as a mad genius or a mad psychotic genius," began the infamous John McAfee, speaking at Def Con--and why break that streak now? I must admit: when he's crazy, h