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Gay Gets Better (And More Targeted): Say Hello To The Next Generation Of Grindr

Boys who prefer kissing other boys will be glad to know that Grindr, the location-based hookup app focused on gay men, has today released a huge update with a handful of new features and a brand new l

Keen On… Grindr: Should Gays Vote For Obama Or Romney in November?

Given the ubiquity and power of today's online networks, it's become a cliche to describe the race between Obama and Romney as a social media election. But few social networks have become as explicitl

Grindr’s Joel Simkhai Announces 4M Users, 1M Daily Uniques, And Weighs In On The Skout Disaster

I love Grindr, and not just because it's all about the gays. (Full disclosure: I'm super gay.) The reason I love Grindr is because it's one of the few location-based social networks to show sustained