Keen On… Grindr: Should Gays Vote For Obama Or Romney in November?

Given the ubiquity and power of today’s online networks, it’s become a cliche to describe the race between Obama and Romney as a social media election. But few social networks have become as explicitly engaged as the 4 million person strong gay network Grindr in pursuing the human rights of its members. As Grindr’s CEO Joel Simkhai told me at Disrupt, that’s because gay men don’t have equality in America. Thus Simkhai has launched Grindr For Equality – an initiative designed to educate gays about relevant issues in the upcoming election.

“It’s not about the parties,” Simkhai explained Grindr For Equality to me. Instead, Simkhai insisted, it’s all about informing Grindr members about politicians’ positions on issues like gay marriage. That’s all very well, of course. But, as I asked Simkhai, who should gay people vote for in November?  Would it be President Obama or President Romney who would most pursue legal equality for the gay community in America?