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Apple to discontinue iTunes U after 2021

If you’re a teacher who has been relying on Apple’s iTunes U platform to digitally share your courses with the world, it’s time to shift to something new. After a few years of lettin

Apple Brings Better Discussion, iPad Course Creation To iTunes U

Apple has updated iTunes U with a bunch of new features, cranking the version number up to 2 and introducing improved discussion features and the ability to create and update courses directly from the

Apple iTunes U Update Lets Teachers Create Class Content On The iPad

Apple is continuing to build out its educational tools with a view to expanding the utility of iPads in the classroom. Today it's announced updates to its iTunes U educational app that aim to make it

Apple Brings iBooks Textbooks And iTunes U Course Manager To New International Markets

The race for the future of the education market is on, and Apple has increasing competition from device makers and service providers like Samsung and Amazon. Cupertino isn’t slacking, however, a

Apple Updates iTunes U, iBooks App And Store With iOS 7 Design

Apple has finally updated its iBooks app and store with an iOS 7-inspired design. The app was the last of Apple’s iOS stores to retain the older iOS 6 design, as both the iTunes Store and App St

Apple Has Sold Over 8M iPads Direct To Education Worldwide, With More Than 1B iTunes U Downloads

Apple announced a new milestone for its iTunes U online digital education outlet, which has just crossed the 1 billion download mark. Alongside the announcement, Apple has also informed us exclusively

Stanford Teams Up With Piazza, Apple To Bring Social Features To Its iTunes U iOS Development Class

With over 700 million downloads, Apple's <a target="_blank" href="">iTunes U</a> has been a massive success, but unlike other new online learning services like

Apple Shares iTunes U Stats: 350,000 Files Available, 300 Million Downloads So Far

<img src="" /> <a href="">Apple</a> this morning said <a href="