FCC proposal would curb ISP lock-ins at apartment complexes

Most anyone who’s moved to a new apartment has had the same experience: Whatever broadband provider everyone else in the building has, you have. This kind of lock-in could become less common if

FTC tells ISPs to disclose exactly what information they collect on users and what it’s for

The FTC, in what could be considered a prelude to new regulatory action, has issued an order to several major internet service providers requiring them to share every detail of their data collection p

FCC ‘looking into’ reported error throwing broadband deployment numbers off by millions

It's the FCC's official duty to promote connectivity throughout the U.S., and as part of that it issues a yearly report on improvements to broadband deployment. The latest report, however, seems to co

Everything you need to know about Congress’ decision to expose your data to internet providers

A joint resolution has just been passed by both houses of Congress and all but signed by the president, reversing the Broadband Privacy Rule, a piece of regulation from the FCC that made some inconven

Senate votes to allow ISPs to collect personal data without permission

The broadband privacy rules created by the FCC last year and vigorously debated last night are in danger after the Senate voted to repeal them this morning. Among other things, the rules required ISPs

Average broadband speed in US rises above 50 megabits for the first time

Speedtest has released its mid-year broadband speeds report, and there's actually quite a bit of good news in there. Speeds are steadily increasing despite machinations within the industry, and in fac

U.K. ISPs Agree To Do More To Filter Extremist Content Online

The U.K. government's latest crack down on terrorism is once again focusing on the digital sphere, with Prime Minister David Cameron announcing that major Internet companies have agreed to do more to

Portland Gets One Step Closer To Getting Google Fiber

In a few years time, when you come to retire in Portland, chances are that you will be able to subscribe to Google Fiber. Earlier this week, the city took another step in allowing Google to expand its

Netflix Launches Speed Index To Highlight The Best ISPs For Streaming

For the last few months now, Netflix regularly <a target="_blank" href="">released</a> an index of the fastest ISPs for streaming video

Speed’s Other Needs

<strong>Editor's note:</strong> <em>Michael Weinberg is a staff attorney at <a target="_blank" href="">Public Knowledge</a>, an organization that </em><em>preserves the

A Look At Who’s Winning The Global Internet Speed Race [Infographic]

In July, <a href="">we covered a study released</a> by <a href="">Pa

Your ISP Is Screwing You: As Your Service Costs Go Up, Their Backbone Costs Go Down

In Japan, a multiple-megabit Internet connection costs pennies. I pay $99 for 50-mbps (and that's <i>really</i> about 1 mbps (when it's not raining) in Brooklyn. But why, you ask? Well, to hear cable

Which States And ISPs Are Winning The Internet Speed Race In The U.S.?

As much as those in Silicon Valley get wrapped up in all the innovative technologies and businesses being built on top of and around the Internet, the fact of the matter is that there are still some s

Who's ‘right’ in the Net Neutrality debate?

<img src="" />This past week saw the resurrection of Net Neutrality as a divisive issue. Some folks (people like Google, and, well, us) a

FiOS reseller undercuts Verizon's own prices

If you happen to live in one of Verizon’s FiOS coverage areas, you might be interested to know that at least one ISP is reselling the exact same internet service for almost $50 per month cheaper

Time Warner tiered broadband pricing to top out at $150 per month

<img src="">Time Warner has been testing out a “consumption based billing” structure for its broadband internet service in Beaumont, Tex

Bandwidth caps don’t concern some video providers

So Comcast is implementing a 250GB monthly bandwidth cap starting next month. While some consumers are up in arms about the true meaning of “unlimited” internet access, others have focused on how

Lady arrested for allegedly holding ISP tech hostage

Look. If I was an old Canadian playwright who couldn’t get on the Internet, I’d be mad too. People over 50 generally don’t understand the relationship between an Internet connection, a router, a

Comcast not fined, but must stop blocking P2P traffic

Here’s an update to the story about the FCC versus Comcast that we posted on Wednesday. The FCC has officially ruled today and it turns out that Comcast will not be fined for throttling peer-to-peer

Verizon to bump FiOS speeds to 50 Mbps nationwide

If you happen to live in one of the lucky areas of the 16 states where Verizon has made FiOS available, you’ll be able to top your Internet connection out at 50 Mbps down, 20 Mbps up. Verizon says t
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