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Apple ordered to comply with court’s decision over in-app payments in Epic Games case

A federal judge has ruled that Apple can’t push back the deadline to update App Store policies, as previously ordered in the court’s decision on California’s Epic Games v. Apple laws

In hopes of App Store changes, Paddle develops an alternative to Apple’s payments system

Paddle, a solutions provider for subscription-based businesses, is betting on a future where App Store developers are able to use third-party payment systems — and it wants to be among the first

F.uxd: Apple Says Screen Brightness App Violates Developer Agreement

Just 24 hours after developers of the popular screen brightness app f.lux released a side-loaded version for iOS, Apple has told the developers that they are in violation of the company’s develo

After A Week Of iOS Dev Site Downtime, Apple Creates Status Page To Show Which Services Are Back Online

It's been more than a week and Apple's developer website is still down, following what turned out to be a hacking breach (which may or may not have been caused by a 25-year-old Turkish security resear