After A Week Of iOS Dev Site Downtime, Apple Creates Status Page To Show Which Services Are Back Online

It’s been more than a week and Apple’s developer website is still down, following what turned out to be a hacking breach (which may or may not have been caused by this guy). Late yesterday Apple emailed its developers with an update on the situation.  It’s also created a status page showing which services have been restored — the vast majority of which remain offline at this point.

The developer update (embedded below) says the company is “working around the clock to overhaul [its] developer systems, update our server software, and rebuild our entire database”. Apple also notes that updates will be rolled out and software downloads restored, in that order, but does not give a timetable for the actions. The fact that Apple has created a status page showing which systems have and haven’t yet been restored in itself suggests the downtime is going to rumble on for a while yet.

apple developer notice

Currently (as of a 4:48 PDT update) two services have been restored are listed as online, according to Apple’s status page — namely iTunes Connect and Bug Reporter — but the remaining 13 services are still offline:

apple services status

TechCrunch was tipped off to the update by an iOS developer who wished to remain anonymous. It’s unclear how much iOS developers are being hampered by the dev website downtime on average but the individual tipster did note that “the dev downtime has not hindered our development or iTunes store submission”. Developers needing to update certificates and provisioning files during the current downtime “might be hurting a bit”, the tipster added.

Update: The developer also noted that one of the services currently listed as online — iTunes Connect — has never been affected by the current dev site outage, even during the initial portion of the downtime.