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Reports Claim Forstall And Browett Were Asked To Leave Apple Following Crucial Missteps

The Wall Street Journal has released a report with updated information about why Apple decided to part ways with two senior executives, including former iOS SVP Scott Forstall and former SVP of Retail

Apple Made No Mention Of iOS 6 Maps Today. Now That’s Boring.

So now that we have our <a href="">magical iPad Mini</a>, which I must admit is pretty damn sexy, we listened to Tim Cook and Phil Schiller talk about all o

ChangeWave: Forget Maps, iPhone 5 Is Still A Major Attraction With Demand At ‘Record Rates’; WP 8 And Nokia Still Challenged

So much for all the <a href="">Maps thunder</a> and <a href="

Consumer Reports: iOS 6 Maps “Competent Enough”, iPhone 5 Ranked A Top Smartphone

It's official: the iOS 6 Mapgate saga is not another antennagate. Consumer Reports -- which famously said it could not recommend the iPhone 4 because of reception problems caused by the phone's wrap-a

Rumor: Apple Enlists Retail Employees In The War On Inaccurate Maps

There are over 40,000 Apple retail employees out in the world, and if the rumors from <a target="_blank" href="

Tim Cook Apologizes For Apple Maps, Points To Competitive Alternatives

Apple CEO Tim Cook has written an open letter on Apple's website, finally apologizing for the <a href="">Maps drama