• Space Propulsion Startup Accion Systems Starts Taking Orders

    Space Propulsion Startup Accion Systems Starts Taking Orders

    The space propulsion company Accion Systems has announced that they will officially start taking orders for their micro-propulsion systems designed for CubeSats and other small satellites. The company is selling miniature electrospray ion engines that generates thrust by accelerating charged particles to very high speeds. Accion’s engine, about the size of a small coin, uses 480… Read More

  • Ion Is A Wireless Smart Light That Reacts To Touch And Tunes

    Ion Is A Wireless Smart Light That Reacts To Touch And Tunes

    Make way for another smart light in the room. Ion, currently in production-ready prototype form seeking $20,000 from the Kickstarter community for its final push to market, is best described as a digital updating of the 1960s classic slice of kitsch called the lava lamp. Read More

  • CE Week 2013 Showstoppers Roundup

    Hands-On With CE Week’s Hottest Wearable Tech

    Wearable technology is all the rage right now, and I’m not just talking about Google Glass or Apple’s forthcoming iWatch. Companies large and small are getting in on the trend, and that was made all the more obvious as we roamed through CE Week’s ShowStoppers showroom. As you’ll see in the video above, we venture from smart watches to bone-conduction musical hats… Read More

  • Ion Audio Book Saver Does Just That, Saves Books

    Have you ever tried scanning a book via a flatbed scanner? Oh boy, it’s for jerks. Horrible experence. Book scanners are traditionally something that only Google and the Library of Congress employ. Then there’s the upcoming Ion Book Saver. This one is for you and I. Read More

  • NVIDIA’s ION 2 promises faster graphics and long battery life

    It’s official. NVIDIA’s ION 2 GPUs are coming. You’ll see them on more than 30 products come summer time. The company is promising “10x faster graphics and up to 10 hours of battery life.” So much for that whole power-versus-battery-life tradeoff. Read More

  • Acer AspireRevo nettop gets Windows 7, dual-core CPU, more memory

    You may or may not recall that a couple weeks ago, Acer’s ION-powered AspireRevo nettop showed up on for the low, low price of $199. While the machine featured some relatively-impressive specs (Atom N230 CPU, NVIDIA ION, XP Home, etc.), there’s now a new entrant to the AspireRevo line that bumps the CPU up to dual-core status, doubles the RAM, and adds Windows 7 Home… Read More

  • Looks like it’s Splitsville for NVIDIA and Intel

    That NVIDIA and Intel haven’t been getting along lately isn’t big news but it looks like NVIDIA has finally gotten up from the dinner table and left the restaurant in a huff. The epicenter of the problem appears to be NVIDIA’s Ion chipset, which provides some much needed oomph to netbook and nettop platforms. Intel wants to keep a distinct separation between its low-power… Read More

  • Ion-powered Acer AspireRevo nettop priced at $199

    Well here’s a nice price on a tiny computer. Acer’s AspireRevo nettop is now available at Newegg for $199. The machine features a 1.6GHz Intel Atom 230 CPU, 1GB of RAM, 160GB hard drive (5400RPM), and NVIDIA’s ION graphics chip. Read More

  • ASUS 12-inch Eee netbook with NVIDIA Ion, Windows 7, 11-hour battery leaked?

    Well good morning, Interesting Netbook. You have caught my attention thanks to your inclusion of NVIDIA’s Ion chipset, 1366×768 display, 2GB of RAM, Windows 7 operating system, and longer-than-long battery life. Read More

  • EeeBox PC gets Ion power, can handle 1080p video

    ASUS’ NVIDIA Ion-powered EeeBox PC has gotten sort of official. It’s on ASUS’ website now, at least, although there’s still not much in the way of pricing or availability. The specs look pretty nice, though, with a whisper-quiet setup thanks to a dual-core Atom N330 CPU, 2GB of RAM, 250GB SATA hard drive, 802.11b/g/n wireless, card reader, and, of course, the horsepower… Read More

  • Video: NVIDIA nettop-computing platform ION "hotting up"

    According to Thomas Ricker, things are hotting up at NVIDIA thanks to their ION platform, a netbook and nettop motherboard that will serve 1080p video in a package that fits on the palm of your hand. The first new model should be the Acer Hornet, a Wii-like gaming machine with an odd 3D remote. Read More

  • Lenovo eyeing Ion, VIA netbook platforms

    We may see Lenovo netbooks packing NVIDIA and VIA chips pretty soon here. Digitimes is reporting that “Lenovo plans to launch 11.6-inch and 12.1-inch netbooks combining Intel’s Atom processor and Nvidia’s Ion platform in the second quarter of this year.” Read More

  • CEO of NVIDIA talks netbooks

    In an interview with Laptop Magazine, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang talks about the current state of netbooks, his company’s new Ion platform, rumors about Intel’s supposed strong-arming of device manufacturers, and other netbook and MID platforms from AMD, VIA, along with the probability behind netbooks powered by NVIDIA’s own Tegra platform. Read More

  • Hands and feet on the $299 Ion premium Rock Band drum set

    Greg and I got a chance to flail about on ION’s premium Rock Band drum set in the final hours of CES. Greg played Bad Reputation as though he’d been secretly having an affair with Joan Jett for years and I paid homage to my home city of Boston by tearing through Where’d You Go? by the Bosstones. Read More

  • ION premium Rock Band drum set gets official at $299

    Here she blows; the premium Xbox 360 Rock Band drum kit from ION. It’s priced at $299, available now, and features four gum-rubber drum pads (read: quiet) and two cymbals with mounting arms. That’s right, two. You’ll have to purchase that third cymbal separately for $50. You can also add a second bass pedal for some double-dutch kick action or whatever you kids are saying… Read More

  • ION Audio Releases Two Snazzy Turntables

    iTTUSB05 If you’re not of the old guard of turntable enthusiasts and enjoy the atrocities of USB-powered turntables then ION has what you’re looking for. After all, vinyl has superior sound quality (if you’re into old and scratchy) and with these two, new models you can rip your favorites to MP3, so you can tote them around town. The iTTUSB05 and iTTUSB10 each come with EZ… Read More