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  • Want To Startup In A Really Cool Coffee Shop? Apply To i/o Ventures (Deadline Today)

    Want To Startup In A Really Cool Coffee Shop? Apply To i/o Ventures (Deadline Today)

    i/o Ventures, the SF startup incubator that lives on the top floor of The Summit space in the Mission, is accepting applications for its February 2012 cohort. Are you a master procrastinator? Well, you’re in luck, because the deadline to apply is today! (Don’t worry, they won’t judge you for it.) Becoming an i/o company means a 4-6 month stint in the i/o Ventures 7,000… Read More

  • Meet The Newest Startup Brood From i/o Ventures

    The i/o Ventures Demo Day starts in a little under a half an hour, and I am about to head over to Valencia Street to watch the startups present. i/o Ventures is the SF-based incubator that offers five or six startups a 4-6 month long spot in its 7,000 square foor loft/coffee shop space as well as $25,000 in seed money, in exchange for around 8% of the company. We’ve covered some of… Read More

  • i/o Ventures Is Now Taking Applications For Its March 2011 Program

    i/o Ventures, a workspace incubator that launched just over a year ago, is accepting applications for the start of its March 2011 program. The deadline for applying is March 15th. The five or six startups who pass muster can take a 4-6 month long spot in the i/o Ventures 7,000 square foor loft/coffee shop as well as $25,000 in seed money. Each of the companies in each class gives up around 8%… Read More

  • Inside i/o Ventures: Tour The Central Perk For Code (TCTV)

    Cheesy 1990s sitcom reference aside, i/o Ventures‘ incubator space in San Francisco’s Mission District centers around the idea of community: The neighborhood community that drinks exotic lattes in the expansive Summit cafe, the network of young developers that rent desks on the other half of the ground floor, the startups in the i/o incubator program holding court on the top floor… Read More

  • Damntheradio Launches, Ups The Ante On Facebook Branding

    Damntheradio, an appropriately named social media CMS for bands and brands, launches today in private beta. Part of the i/o ventures incubator, Damntheradio allows companies to strengthen relationships with their fans through Facebook and Twitter and facilitates the sharing of branded content through incentives, across multiple Facebook pages. Damntheradio shares the enterprise branding space… Read More