Want To Startup In A Really Cool Coffee Shop? Apply To i/o Ventures (Deadline Today)

i/o Ventures, the SF startup incubator that lives on the top floor of The Summit space in the Mission, is accepting applications for its February 2012 cohort. Are you a master procrastinator? Well, you’re in luck, because the deadline to apply is today! (Don’t worry, they won’t judge you for it.)

Becoming an i/o company means a 4-6 month stint in the i/o Ventures 7,000 square foor loft/coffee shop and $25,000 in capital. In return, all you have to do is give up around 8% of your company.

i/o has been on a roll since it launched a little under two years ago. Out of its 11 companies, three have been acquired (co-founder Paul Bragiel says that the third one hasn’t been announced yet, so email me at Alexia@TechCrunch.com if you want to do some co-sleuthing). Seven have received follow-on funding and one is currently breaking even.

“11/11,” Bragiel writes, adding a :) “Well at least by early stage metrics… the true story will be in a few years as you know.”

Bragiel tells me that the hottest i/o startups are Pieceable, Appstores and Mobbles. It’s hottest resident IMHO? The newly launched PandoDaily, a tech blog set up by my former colleague and super-duper journalist Sarah Lacy.

Bragiel also wants you to follow him on Twitter (he is really interesting): @Bragiel.

Image via Inside Scoop SF