intel atom

  • Sony turning to Intel chips and Android to revitalize TV sales

    Look out, Sony is actually trying something new and might announce Intel Atom-powered TVs next month at Google I/O 2010. A new Android released dubbed Dragonpoint is said to run on these TVs and will be just the beginning of Sony’s venture into the so-called Smart TV market. The report comes from Bloomberg who sources two people familiar with the matter. The timing is certainly right. Read More

  • Cherrypal launches netbook line, Bing

    A GreenMaraschino Bing netbook. Really? Are all the Cherrypal models (assuming they stay in business) going to carry names stemming from various cherries? Moving on. The Bing is powered by an N720 Intel Atom proc. Cherrypal claims that the Bing is the “fastest, most affordable and least power consuming Intel Atom N270 based netbook on the market.” The Bing comes in a Windows XP… Read More

  • Will the new Mac Mini be based on the spiffy Nvidia Ion?

    Interesting bit of speculation surrounding the Mac Mini. Tom’s Hardware, one of the oldest, bestest hardware-focused sites out there, says that the upcoming Mac Mini speed bump will feature Nvidia’s new Ion platform. Among other things, that can lead to an even smaller Mac Mini. Read More

  • Matrox launches Intel Atom-powered camera

    The Intel Atom CPU isn’t just for Netbooks as Matrox’s smart camera proves. It has not only a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, but also 256MB of RAM, 1GB of flash storage and a full array of connectivity ports. This marks one of the first devices that the Atom as powered outside of the generally accepted computing market. One has to wonder when we will see more Atom-powered CE devices. Read More