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Haus, which helps companies measure marketing ROI, raises $17M

Several years ago, Zach Epstein was leading marketing measurement initiatives at Google, helping large corporate customers to build out measurement infrastructure. After leaving the tech giant, Epstei

Whop, an online marketplace for digital goods, raises $17M

Amazon might have the monopoly on physical goods sold online. But what about digital ones? There’s Steam for games and software. Shopify supports some forms of digital goods, like artwork and gi

Insight cutting its fundraising target isn’t reason to panic

Some of venture's largest firms are struggling to fundraise, but that is because of lofty targets, not LP disinterest.

Filings reveal PE and VC returns amid escalating write-downs

Some high-profile venture capital and private equity firms are slashing the valuation of their holdings, causing billions in apparent profits to evaporate as the economic downturn undermines the susta

Nymbus lands $70M to help banks digitally transform

Nymbus, a startup that partners with banks to migrate their legacy stack and launch neobanks to attract new customers, today announced that it raised $70 million in a Series D round led by Insight Par

Freshly shareholders, including Insight Partners, sue Nestlé for ‘failing to make earnout payments’

Former investors of food delivery startup Freshly are suing Nestlé USA, which acquired the company in 2020 for up to $1.5 billion. The shareholders allege that Nestlé failed to make earnout payment

Visual Layer helps enterprise manage the massive visual datasets they need to build AI models, raises $7M

Training machine learning models for computer vision use cases takes massive amounts of images. Often, those images are mislabeled, broken or duplicated, leading to sub-par model performance. But with

Dash CEO placed on ‘indefinite administrative leave’ as the Insight-backed startup carries out financial audit

Prince Boakye Boampong, the founder and CEO of Dash, which provides an alternative payment network with connected wallets allowing interaction between mobile money and bank accounts in Africa, has all

Portside lands $50M to help manage business aviation

Business aviation operators are often challenged with crew and aircraft shortages as they look to scale and meet the growing post-pandemic demand for air travel. With industry-wide staffing shortages,

AtomicJar opens public beta of Testcontainers Cloud, cloud version of open source testing tool

Working with, microservices-based development environments presents a unique set of testing challenges. Richard North developed an open source solution called Testcontainers in 2015 to help ease this

Sweep, a no-code config tool for Salesforce software, raises $28M

Businesses often encounter challenges in configuring their customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, whether because of requirements specific to their organization or industry or a lack of ins

A healthcare brand for women begins to take shape

Until last year, healthcare funding continued to shatter previous records. But there remains at least one very big hole in the industry. No one has yet created a broad, leading women’s healthcar

Devtron raises fresh capital for its cloud DevOps platform

The cloud-native market has seen the introduction of a range of open source DevOps tools — tools that combine software development and IT operations — built to address very specific use ca

Fermyon raises $20M to build tools for cloud app dev

Matt Butcher and Radu Matei worked on container technologies for years; “containers” in this context referring to software packages containing all the necessary elements to run in any envi

Enable lands $94M to help B2B companies manage their rebate programs

Enable, a startup selling access to a platform that helps business-to-business (B2B) companies manage their rebate programs, today announced that it raised $94 million in an oversubscribed Series C ro

Detectify secures $10M more to expand its ethical hacking platform

Detectify, a security platform that employs ethical hackers to conduct attacks designed to highlight vulnerabilities in corporate systems, today announced that it raised $10 million in follow-on fundi

Noble emerges from stealth to help companies extend lines of credit to their customers

Credit lines are a lucrative product. U.S. consumers alone pay $120 billion in credit card interest and fees every year, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Given the revenue opport

Winn.AI launches out of stealth with an AI assistant for sales calls

Conventionally, salespeople are responsible for juggling tasks like following a playbook, capturing responses, building rapport and updating a customer relationship management (CRM) system during sale

Joonko helps companies pinpoint quality talent from underrepresented groups

There is a stubbornly persistent line of thinking that it’s hard to find talent from underrepresented groups, or worse, you are somehow lowering the bar by trying to build a diverse workforce. Joonk

Privado is ‘Grammarly for code privacy issues’

Privacy breaches are not only bad for users, but also costly for tech companies. For example, GDPR fines now total $1.7 billion, and earlier this year Twitter had to pay $150 million for misrepresenti
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