information overload

Startup founders must overcome information overload

One of a founder's biggest early challenges is figuring out how to sift through all the advice they receive.

No Mailbox? No Problem. Boomerang For Android Brings Gesture-Based Email Management To Gmail Users

<a target="_blank" href="">Baydin</a>, the startup behind a suite of productivity add-ons for Gmail, Outlook, and Google Calendar, is today bringing its inbox management solution

Finally, There Is A Conference To Talk About Information Overload To Add To Your Already Overloaded Schedule

As someone who just wants to run away to the desert with a tent and a paperback book and live on a mesa somewhere, solving the problem of information overload is near to my heart. If you're like me, t

Everything, Everywhere, All The Time

The web is a blessing and a curse: there is simply too much information. And it’s coming at us too quickly. Meanwhile, the tools we have to process the data flow are failing miserably, and yet, very