Finally, There Is A Conference To Talk About Information Overload To Add To Your Already Overloaded Schedule

As someone who just wants to run away to the desert with a tent and a paperback book and live on a mesa somewhere, solving the problem of information overload is near to my heart. If you’re like me, then the non-profit Information Overload Research Group’s Overloaded Conference should be up your alley.

The conference, to be held on February 9th at the PARISOMA Innovation Lounge. Full disclosure: they asked me to speak because I was in San Francisco for the Crunchies but I felt too overloaded.

The participants are a group of academics, executives, and startups and the goal isn’t to sell product but to actually discuss the future of information overload, which is quite refreshing.

“The purpose behind IORG (and this conference) is to bring together these various disciplines and spread their message so that more people can better understand and address the information challenges of today,” said Jared Goralnick of AwayFind, one of the organizers.

“Whether you’re building tools that help with managing information or looking to improve the situation at your own office, this is the one event to attend that brings together the researchers, the products, and those helping others with best practices.”

The speakers include Victoria Bellotti from PARC, Robby Macdonell of RescueTime, and Stephen Whittaker, a Professor of Psychologist at UC Santa Cruz.

The first 15 TC readers who register with code TC can get 15% off although I wouldn’t blame you if you couldn’t go. Who has the time with all the email?