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Gogo Opens Up Its APIs To Allow Developers To Build Better In-Flight Apps

Now that most airlines allow you to use your mobile devices during flights and many offer Wi-Fi on their planes, it's no surprise that we are also seeing more applications that enable that in-flight u

United To Launch Personal In-Flight Entertainment For iOS Devices Next Month

Starting next month, United will offer an in-flight personal entertainment system that will allow passengers to pick from 150 movies and about 200 TV shows through their laptop's browser or United's i

Aircell now offering mobile phone pricing for Gogo service

<img src="" alt="" />Aircell has reduced the price of their in-flight Wi-Fi service Gogo to $7.95 for users who just want to connect th

Alaska Airlines starts testing satellite-based Wi-Fi services [Update]

<img src="" alt="" /><a href="">Alaska Airlines</

Southwest Airlines deploying in-flight Wi-Fi service today

<img src="" alt="" />Southwest Airlines announced today that it would be testing a satellite-based in-flight Wi-Fi syste

United signs with Aircell for in-flight Wi-Fi

<img src="" alt="" />United has signed on with <a href="">Aircell</a> to bring the Internets

American Airlines: no airporn for you!

Sorry, people. The dream is over. American Airlines has decided that it, along with Delta (and the flight attendants), does not want porn on its flights — despite receiving no complaints whatsoe

VoIP calls on Aircell's Gogo? Big deal, seriously.

So you’ve found a way to make VoIP calls on American Airlines flights with Gogo by using some Flash-based service? Good for you, really, but anyone saying that they’ve hacked the system needs to r

Flight attendants on in-flight porn usage

Now that in-flight internet is becoming a normal option, a certain taboo activity is popping up more and more during those long, lonely flights. A few airlines have taken the issue upon themselves t

Review: Aircell's Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi

I know Mossberg ‘reviewed’ the service a while back, but he was on the plane by himself with a cornucopia of devices. That’s not a real world situation. I was skeptical of the whole thing like m

Freesky suggests airlines dismiss per flight pricing for in-flight Wi-Fi service

I can’t say for sure that Freesky and their so-called ‘reports’ should be trusted but something about their latest regarding in-flight broadband leads me to believe that they’re dumb, like, re

Mossberg reviews Aircell's in-flight Wi-Fi service, GoGo We’ve been a huge proponent of Aircell’s GoGo service for months now and we’re tickled pink to learn that GoGo w