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  • Gogo Opens Up Its APIs To Allow Developers To Build Better In-Flight Apps

    Gogo Opens Up Its APIs To Allow Developers To Build Better In-Flight Apps

    Now that most airlines allow you to use your mobile devices during flights and many offer Wi-Fi on their planes, it’s no surprise that we are also seeing more applications that enable that in-flight use. Most major U.S. airlines use Gogo to power their on-board connectivity, and the company obviously wants to encourage people to sign up for its service. Its latest effort to get people… Read More

  • Aircell now offering mobile phone pricing for Gogo service

    Aircell has reduced the price of their in-flight Wi-Fi service Gogo to $7.95 for users who just want to connect their handheld devices. Let’s face it, when you’re stuck in coach on an American flight, you don’t want to pull out your laptop only to have it crushed by the passenger in front of you. Gogo is currently available on American Airlines, Delta and Virgin America… Read More

  • Alaska Airlines starts testing satellite-based Wi-Fi services [Update]

    Alaska Airlines has announced that they’ve started testing Row 44’s satellite-based Wi-Fi service on a handful of Boeing 737-700s. The first trial flight will take place between Seattle and San Jose (leaves Seattle at 2:20 PT today and returns on Flight 329 from San Jose back to Seattle) and the service will be free for 60 days. After today that aircraft will shift routes… Read More

  • Southwest Airlines deploying in-flight Wi-Fi service today

    Southwest Airlines announced today that it would be testing a satellite-based in-flight Wi-Fi system on one of its flights with the service to go live next Monday. Three other planes are to be equipped by next month, says SWA. But the service will remain in beta for several months. Read More

  • United signs with Aircell for in-flight Wi-Fi

    United has signed on with Aircell to bring the Internets to the skies making it harder for us to have some peace and quiet on those transcon flights. They now join Air Canada, American Airlines, Delta and Virgin America. Read More

  • American Airlines: no airporn for you!

    Sorry, people. The dream is over. American Airlines has decided that it, along with Delta (and the flight attendants), does not want porn on its flights — despite receiving no complaints whatsoever. Say they: Based on the feedback of our customers and employees, American Airlines is working with Aircell(R) to implement technology to filter pornographic content over the Gogo(R)… Read More

  • VoIP calls on Aircell's Gogo? Big deal, seriously.

    So you’ve found a way to make VoIP calls on American Airlines flights with Gogo by using some Flash-based service? Good for you, really, but anyone saying that they’ve hacked the system needs to reassess the meaning of the term. Stumbling upon an app that works is not hacking anything. It’s called being lucky. I honestly didn’t care enough to try out all the possible… Read More

  • Flight attendants on in-flight porn usage

    Now that in-flight internet is becoming a normal option, a certain taboo activity is popping up more and more during those long, lonely flights. A few airlines have taken the issue upon themselves to lock down certain themed sites but that doesn’t rule out already downloaded material. Then other airlines, such as American Airlines, are offering unfiltered service and thus leaving… Read More

  • Review: Aircell's Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi

    [ I know Mossberg ‘reviewed’ the service a while back, but he was on the plane by himself with a cornucopia of devices. That’s not a real world situation. I was skeptical of the whole thing like most of you were, but after yesterday I’m completely sold. It’s not earth shattering or anything. I mean, it’s only Wi-Fi on… Read More

  • Freesky suggests airlines dismiss per flight pricing for in-flight Wi-Fi service

    I can’t say for sure that Freesky and their so-called ‘reports’ should be trusted but something about their latest regarding in-flight broadband leads me to believe that they’re dumb, like, really dumb. They’re suggesting that airlines should change the pricing plan of in-flight Wi-Fi services like Aircell’s GoGo from a flat fee to pay per minute. Umm. What… Read More

  • Mossberg reviews Aircell's in-flight Wi-Fi service, GoGo We’ve been a huge proponent of Aircell’s GoGo service for months now and we’re tickled pink to learn that GoGo will finally be launching sometime next month with American Air. I’m extremely jealous that Walt got to test out the service before all of us, but that’s just the way these things work… Read More