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Elon Musk says he’ll present objections to Trump’s immigration order at Friday advisory council meeting

Tesla CEO Elon Musk issued a statement about his participation in Donald Trump’s economic advisory council, and a scheduled meeting of the group tomorrow. Musk said that he and others on the cou

Sheryl Sandberg joins the immigration ban statement canoe

Several tech leaders┬áspoke out against President Trump’s executive order to ban immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries over the weekend. Today, Sheryl Sandberg leaned into that now rat

Google employees rally against Trump’s immigration ban

Over 2,000 Google employees rallied against President Donald Trump’s executive order that bans immigration from┬áseven majority Muslim countries today. Googlers all over the country, including a

Trump’s immigration order sends ripples of dismay through UK tech community

Reactions to President Trump's executive order placing a three-month ban on entry to the U.S. from seven majority Muslim countries have been rippling out across the Atlantic over the past 48 hours --

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says Trump’s immigration order “is one we do not support”

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has come out strongly against the executive order issued by Donald Trump regarding immigration and blocking certain refugees from entering the U.S. Amazon had previously expresse

Elon Musk seeks “specific amendments” to recommend to Trump on immigration order

Elon Musk is asking for people to recommend “specific amendments” Trump and the White House should make to the executive order issues on Friday regarding immigration and barring entry for