• The iLuv iMM747 Is a Speaker Dock For Your iPad or iPhone

    Sigh. iPad speaker docks. Asteroid. Read More

  • iLuv has three new speaker systems for your enjoyment

    There clearly isn’t enough computer speaker options available and so iLuv has three new solutions coming out. There’s a speaker bar, cube speakers, and even a mini clip speaker that features a clip for you know, clipping. Read More

  • iLuv iPod alarm clock includes speaker-equipped bed-shaking puck

    It sounds weirder than it is. Eh – no, it’s about that weird, I guess. Being a light sleeper, I wake up when a butterfly flaps its wings outside my window, but I can understand how some of you heavy sleepers out there might need a serious noise to return to the land of the living. Or, in this case, a vibrating pillow. iLuv’s got a new alarm clock, essentially a fancier version… Read More

  • CES 2008 preview: iLuv breaks out two new iPod combo dock things

    One booth we’re going to be sure to stop by next week at CES is that of iPod accessory makers iLuv, who today, to beat the CES rush, launched a pair of new iPod combo docks that will be available in March. The i1255 is a combo iPod dock/DVD player. While it’s not for everyone, it’s a good solution for those wanting to keep their video connections in their home theater to… Read More

  • JWin iLuv Bluetooth Audio System

    JWin today announced their iLuv i199 Bluetooth audio system. As wireless music device, you can stream your iPod, radio, CDs, or whatever via Bluetooth to a set of wireless speakers or headphones. JWin uses its BluePin wireless audio transmitter/receiver to receive music from your device and then transmits music over a Bluetooth connection. You can stream music from your cellie to the iLuv. I… Read More

  • iLuv i9200 CD Changer with iPod Dock

    More at home in surgery room on Nip/Tuck than in my messy office, the iLuv i9200BLK Speaker set has four vertical loading CDs that look good whether they’re spinning or not. The CD player is compatible with regular CDS, burned CDs, or MP3 CDs, and even has a dock for an iPod. Too good to be true? Perhaps, since the dock supports all recent iPod models and even has a remote control. Read More